Powder TV Episode 4: Behind The Cover

Hear the interesting story of what went into the 40th anniversary issue of The Skier’s Magazine

Powder Art Director Mike Taylor and Director of Photography David Reddick discuss the intricacies of choosing and finding the perfect cover for the 40th anniversary issue of Powder. The issue is now available on newsstands and PowderMagStore.com.

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  • http://jcarder@topline-charts.com mtnfireguy

    Beautiful! The original K2s, Marker bindings, and I’m pretty sure those are Langes. That’s how we rolled back then.

  • dv

    skiin’ the back seat. Hurts my toes just looking. Awesome shot tho. Skiing in jeans!

  • P-Dow

    Great job boys, very cool stuff.

  • faceshot

    I love that shot. Hes in the back but thats old school SV right there.

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