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  • davidzof

    Just a note, Rémy was killed last autumn (2012) with Glen Plake’s tent mate Courchevel ski instructor Greg Costa. Glen, as I’m sure he would admit himself, only survived by luck. Let’s not forget the other Chamonix guides who died in the same avalanche, Ludovic Challéat and Fabrice Priez.

    It is no secret that experienced alpinists feature heavily in the statistics. They are the guys (and girls) who are out in the mountains on a regular basis pushing the limits. This week the community lost David Salamin who was aiming to be a guide and Ludo Rey, well known in the Haute Savoie ski mountaineering community.

    Dédé Rhem, Marco Siffredi, Paulo McLeod, Karine Ruby and Edouard Baud all come to mind as some well known losses from Chamonix; their experience and skill powerless when the mountain decides it is their time.

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