Mike Nick finishing out a day of first chairs in Laax, Switzerland. PHOTO: MIKE ROGGE

First chair. As skiers, it’s what we strive for every time we throw the skis on the rack and drive to the mountain. With the re-launch of Powder.com, we’re proud to introduce our own version of the phenomenon. Here, you’ll be able to find quick news hits, a culmination of the web’s best and latest video edits, photos from the field, product reviews, and editorials from the best ski writers in the business. The Skier’s Magazine welcomes you to the new Powder.com, where you can hit First Chair every morning. Guaranteed. As a friendly hello, here are three edits sure to fire you up for next winter.

Skiing With Gnomes by Matt Hansen and Derek Taylor

A Walk in the Park – Tom Wallisch from Jiberish on Vimeo.

Cheese, Chocolate, and Powder from Andrew Whiteford on Vimeo.