Dropping: November Issue Hits Newsstands Today

Online exclusive: Behind the scenes video by Adam Clark in search of the Diavolezza

The November Issue of POWDER magazine (40.3) hits newsstands today across the land. Please pick up your copy, wrest it from the grip of your mailman, whatever it might take. Meantime, we bring you this timely online exclusive—In Search of the Diavolezza, a video from last winter by senior photographer Adam Clark while on assignment overseas for a feature story in this issue:

She Devil
St. Moritz is the ritziest and most exclusive ski town in the world. But where there are mountains and snow, there are stashes. Hop in the Bentley and don’t stop driving till you get to Diavolezza. By Matt Hansen

America’s Last Ski Celebrity
In the ’60s and ’70s, ski racer Spider Sabich captured the hearts of celebrities, the international media and skiers everywhere. Unfortunately, his life in the fast lane came to an abrupt stop one fateful afternoon in Aspen, Colorado. By Mike Rogge

The Best Ski Lifts in North America
A ski lift is only as good as the terrain it allows you to access. Here are the best 35 in North America—trams, gondolas, quads and T-bars—for accessing the goods. Please raise your safety bar and keep your tips up.

2012 Resort Guide
15 resorts to put on your bucket list.

Skier: Chad Sayers. Photo: Jordan Manley/Sherpas

Skier: Chad Sayers. Photo: Jordan Manley/Sherpas

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  • hans schiisse

    If you enjoyed crashing the party at Badrutt’s Palace and skiing Diavolezza, then you’ll enjoy crashing the party at the Gstaad Palace and skiing Diablerets even more. While in Gstaad try finding real food at reasonable prices-looks like Madison Avenue or Beverly Hills among farmer’s pastures-ironically the farmers of the surrounding Saanenland can’t afford food from Gstaad or lift tickets, even though they supply the food and teach Billionaires how to ski-by the way, no lift lines because most poeple in this ritzy resort are too busy in the boutiques.
    You could crash a party at the exclusive Eagle Club, or drop in on Institute
    Le Rosey’s dinner, served to the children of billionaires by eastern European waiters in suits. They call them, “esclaves”, and if anyone spills food at the Rosey table, the directors call them “peasant!”. The message is loud and clear: unless you’re a billionaire, don’t send your child to Le Rosey- listed as the most expensive school in Guiness Book of Records. It’s not good enough for the students to take a 2 hour train ride in first class from their Rolle Campus on Lake Geneva to any of a dozen alpine ski areas. Instead, they have a second campus in Gstaad-Schonreid so that they can ski low altitude, poor quality snow while keeping the boutiques and real estate in business. So, if you ever make it to Gstaad, head for the Diablerets Glacier and ski down to the Sanetsch cabin for a more authentic ski experience without over-groomed runs-which happens whenever Gstaad is lucky enough to get powder-compacted by pisten bullys over night so its all hard. They hate powder in Gstaad because they can’t ski it.

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