Downhill Affair: A Love Story

Banff Film Festival-recognized short features a couple of skiers, Molly Baker and Zack Giffin

From Right On Brother Films — Is it possible to live the dream and still fulfill the responsibilities of a relationship? How do you balance the hopes and aspirations of two different people trying to share a life together? Directors Sam Giffin and Ryan Fenson-Hood tackle these questions in Downhill Affair: A Love Story, a short film starring big-mountain skiers and Outdoor Research Ambassadors Zack Giffin and Molly Baker. Featuring interviews with Zach and Molly, along with footage of the pair skiing lines in the Mt. Baker backcountry, Downhill Affair: A Love Story has been nominated as a finalist at the Banff Film Festival, the most influential outdoor film festival in the world.

• Presented by Outdoor Research
• Featuring Molly Baker and Zack Giffin
• Directed by Sam Giffin and Ryan Fenson-Hood
• Cinematography Sam Giffin and Dylan Hart
• Original Score by Justin Marchacos and Ryan Fenson-Hood
• Produced by Sam Giffin
• Co-produced by Steve Olenick

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  • steve connelly

    I have purchased two consecutive subscriptions to y’all’s rag and have to date received none…this sucks as the snow is getting ready to fly and I am dreaming of skiing…send my a magazine a.s.a.p


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