Ski Town Throwdown Finals: Crested Butte vs Eaglecrest

Which will be named the champion?

The competition is so close that your vote may mean the difference between glory or loss. Voting ends tonight for the Ski Town Throwdown Finals.

The competition is so close that your vote may mean the difference between glory or loss. Voting ends tonight for the Ski Town Throwdown Finals.

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We’re halfway through the final matchup of the 64-team Ski Town Throwdown, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. Crested Butte and Eaglecrest have clawed their way to the highest stage in Internet skiing, and both are struggling to edge that final carve into the record books. With history on the line, it’s time to kick some halftime knowledge.

To the OG’s over in Crested Butte—you were born for this. Before you ever swooshed a turn into Spellbound Bowl or dropped Fredo’s, you were straight-lining out of the womb, remember that. You’ve embarked on one of the greatest ski town runs of all time, beating back names like Aspen, Big Sky, and Sun Valley. Now the only thing standing in your way is Alaska. Or should I say, western northwest Canada. Your legacy is written now. Twenty years down the road, will you be remembered as the Colorado contingent that couldn’t, or have a plaque on The Eldo’s sundeck that reads, “2014 Ski Town Throwdown Champions—those guys were the s%#t”? The choice is yours.

Hey Eaglecrest, listen up. The second half is your jam. Remember that nail biter against Red? How about the buzzer beater against Revelstoke? It must be something in the ice water up there, but you Final Frontiersmen are clutch in close games, the Robert Horry of Ski Town Throwdown. So what’s left in the tank? Well for one thing, if I were you, I’d be sick of hearing about Colorado—Rocky Mountains this, champagne pow that. Ju-neau what time it is. It’s time for a little resort in Alaska to steal the last dance and kiss the prom queen. It’s time to make a little history. This is the biggest battle of your ski bum lives, time to do the East Bowl Chutes proud and bring this bad boy home. Eaglecrest, turn up.

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  • AKSkierFoLyfe907

    Time to get turnt up Eaglecrest!

  • Bob campbell

    Keep the pressure on. Keep voting CB. Remember it’s a lot easier to get to and ski towns are important summer places too. Awesome fly fishing, canoeing, kayaking and rafting, and don’t forget backpacking and hiking.

  • Abe Gold

    Aspen beats both of these places put together, in many ways. Just wish I could afford to go there more. It’s the cost of lodging.

    • jc

      Except in terms of skiing, community and culture. Other than that… Well, Aspen does have more impressive airplanes and more automobile atraffic.

  • Jim

    CB is def. over rated. The mountain is pretty good, but very short not much vertical, not the best snowfall and it gets tracked out quick. Also a big downfall to the town and the mountain is the douchey attitude the locals have. I’m in the CB area and I would say I have been to much better mountains with cooler ski towns for sure.

    • Gimmearaise

      Jim, your attitude is really a drag. We like you people to stay away, but we also give second chances. ;) happy holidays!

      • Rockie

        I would have to agree with Jim. I don’t think he is being a drag but def. pointing out facts and a clear downside to the area. Town could be way cooler if a lot of those people put away their ego’s and their “too cool” attitude. I heard the mountain is being sold to some new owners…thank god! That family running that mountain def. hurt it (to say the least), I think that’s part of the problem Jim touches on too.

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