Cody Barnhill and Julian Carr; OR coast to Jackson Hole

Cody here, checking in from back home in the Salty City. Since Julian’s last post we pedaled up to Portland, another 200 miles, spent a couple of days there wandering the city and spending time with friends before embarking on what ended up being an epic dismount. The plan was to take the bus to Redding, CA; hitchhike to the car in Orick; drive to Jackson. That is basically what happened, except not quite at that pace. Once we got off the bus I found a place to stash our gear and Julian put out the thumb to head for the car on the assumption that he would be back that night and we could either hit the all night drive to Jackson to make tee time, or spend the night in Redding to hit it in the AM. I ended up sitting on the Lawn of the Shasta community college until 10.30 the following night, getting way too caffeined and driving all through the night, 19 hours, a short nap in Boise and onward directly to the Mangy Moose. Under the Influence was way too sick. Add: Caffeine. Whiskey. Tequila. Another all nighter then back on the road to SLC. The ride was incredible, the drive was intense, Redding’s boring, I already miss the ocean, but I’m happy to be home.


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Coast Rocks   Julian the Trees   Tree by the River   Cape Foulweather   Entering Portland Portlandia.   Only Gonna Get Longer…   Almost There…

And that’s when my camera ran out of batteries…