What is Blake Nyman DoING?

Flipping sailboats and hosting house parties

Batman. Or something like that. PHOTO: BLAKE NYMAN

The Dark Knight Rises. Batman has been my superhero of choice since day one and Christopher Nolan knows how to write a good story and make it into a compelling film. I was pumped to see how he brought the trilogy to a close, but I need to see it again to decide if I like the second or third better.


A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller. My girlfriend suggested this and I’ve really liked it so far. It asks if your life is telling a good story. If your life was made into a movie, would it be worth watching?

Try to mix it up and keep it fun: surfing, paddleboarding, backpacking, climbing, biking, waterskiing, canyoneering. I try to divide my time between the California beaches and Utah mountains, so whatever adventures show up along the way, sign me up. But I think one of the highlights of this summer was flipping a sailboat in Hawaii with my brother and having to solve that problem. It was a pretty good time.


I haven’t really spent any free time on my computer for a while. Between the occasional peeks at Instagram, Facebook and Twitter on my phone, I get my fill of content. I do like to get the occasional look at Wieden + Kennedy’s website to see what they’re putting out for their brands.

I bought a Chrome backpack, some Krew swim trunks and a pair of Gravis shoes off of Evo.com. Felt like I needed a new little summer kit.

EatING and DrinkING
My girlfriend and I recently decided to try a gluten reduced/free diet. We recently made a gluten-free dinner with fish, brown rice, cucumbers and avocado, but then we rewarded ourselves with some cookies full of gluten. I’d say we’ve done a good job so far.

I just moved into a new house in Salt Lake, so we had a nice little house warming party. We have a rad outdoor living room with some cool rustic benches and whiskey barrel halves. Summer nights with friends in a good spot. Can’t complain.

@robdelaney, @philo_quotes, @GoPro. I feel like those three provide a good dose of comedy, realization, and entertainment.

Dead Man’s Bones – a little band out of LA who’s front man happens to be Baby Goose aka Ryan Gosling. “Pa Pa Power” and “Lose Your Soul” are a couple of my top picks.
Youth Lagoon – “17.” My favorite track on their album. Heard it while camping in Moab and couldn’t stop listening to it for days.
The Head and the Heart – Little dose of indie folk for those drives into the mountains.
Mr. Little Jeans – They do a super good cover to “The Suburbs” by Arcade Fire. More electronic and ambient. Good summer jams.
Fleetwood Mac – Always got to keep some classics in the mix.

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  • Tharmor

    I had no idea, but upon a quick google search, it would appear that Blake got divorced from his wife of only a few years in the spring of 2011. I’m bummed that he went thru that, but it would also appear that he’s found someone new. Looking forward to seeing him in the new WME flick.

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