Behind the Cover: December 2012

The decision making that went into the December cover

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  • Eddie Schneckloth

    Well said guys!

  • Mariapple

    Bravo John and staff for tackling this!

  • Tab

    Can we actually get the hardcopy on newsstands somewhere? Single purchase?

  • Ben

    Thanks so much for doing this issue. He wanted to live; a small man, tumbling through space. Holyf*ckingshit is right. (p. 80)

  • Tom Wayes

    Good job Powder for diving on the grenade. My goal in life and as should every skier is to avoid getting the chop. It is so unfair to everyone that survives you. Feel free to piss on my grave if I fail early at doing my job of this. Tom Wayes

  • John Auld Unzicker

    Best edition I’ve ever read. I bought this issue after not buying a ski magazine for 15+ years, due to being tired of the new trend in ski magazines that basically followed the skate boarding magazine style. It re-kindled my already passionate love for skiing. I also purchased a subscription today. Great job, Powder!

  • Mary McKhann

    As publisher of The Snow Industry Letter, I have noted this trend escalating over the past couple of years. More people going off-piste, glamorizing radical terrain in movies, weird weather patterns all seem to be contributors. Haven’t read the issue yet but intend to pick it up this week. It needs to be addressed. Thanks.

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