Aspen/Snowmass Coal Methane Project

Good Stuff. Additionally, Aspen/Snowmass’ Auden Schendler recently laid out what he sees as the three possible lines of attack for climate policy in Obama’s second term in the Atlantic. Some ambitious possibilities, but that shouldn’t stop the ski community from seeing their place in helping to achieve them. Especially if a carbon tax somehow becomes part of the conversation about avoiding the fiscal cliff.


I’ve heard these names before, but still, where the hell did Lucas Stål-Madison come from???

Real Housewives of the US Freeskiing Team

If someone could explain to me what this all is about, that would be great. On second thought, I don’t really care.


The neighbors up the street get into their rhythm as well.

Wayne Wong Into Hall of Fame…

…Remind me again why this took this long?

Back to the Future

Ahhhh, yeah.