Don’t Do It in the Backcounty

It’s Better with Butters

Get that knife out and spread it…

Breaking News: World Still Exists

It’s become apparent that the world did not end on Friday, and the ski season can carry on as it has. Discovering that their new terrain had not in fact imploded in a sea of fiery volcanoes and locusts, Sugarloaf decided to open Bracket Basin after 31” of snow on Saturday.

Brian Head Sale Surprise

Southern Utah’s Brian Head Resort sold on Thursday for cash to an unidentified owner. Chances are the uncontested pow runs will continue as they have.

Free Christmas Eggnog Refills

The Christmas vacation week is looking pretty spicy across much of North America, as the above photo of Michelle Parker’s truck in the Squaw Valley parking lot Saturday shows. Even the Northeast, a good chunk of which got skunked with rain out of this last storm, is getting snow this weekend all the way through Christmas Week. Don’t forget to thank the big man this holiday season…and by Him we mean Ullr. Especially if you’re up in the state of Washington next week…this month could break Stevens Pass’s all-time December snowfall record of 228 inches.

The Fart of Life

Don’t take this shit too seriously. Skiing, I mean.