2014: A Pipe Odyssey

The IOC adds men's and women's halfpipe skiing to the 2014 Winter Olympics

By Mike Rogge

The International Olympic Comittee announced from London this morning that men’s and women’s halfpipe skiing will be included in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. Following the announcement, pipe skiers took to social media to convey their reaction with words like “finally” (Simon Dumont) and “Thanks everyone for all your efforts. It’s nice to see this dream become a reality” (Jen Hudak) and also “maybe a little champagne for breakfast” (Mike Riddle). When reached by phone, Canadian ski halfpipe coach Trennon Paynter, a longtime proponent of the events inclusion, had this to say, “I just got off a plane from Hawaii and heard the announcement had been made. For us, it opens a lot of potential new support avenues. Now that it’s in, some of the sport services are going to become available. It’s going to open up a lot of doors.” Paynter added with a laugh, “It wasn’t a surprise but it sure was a relief.” For more on the inclusion of halfpipe skiing in the 2014 Olympics, head over to Newschoolers.com.

Photo: Jeff Schmuck/Newschoolers.com
Photo: Jeff Schmuck/Newschoolers.com