May 1, 2011: What were you doing?

A couple of vids from the first day of the fifth month.

If you were Jenn Berg or the Provo brothers, the answer is, skiing powder. Check these out, and if you have the jones to go get some, here are a couple of places you could visit right now.

Snowbird, Utah

Mammoth Mountain, California

Arapahoe Basin, Colorado

Neil and Ian Provo:

Jenn Berg

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  • Alex Templeman

    I was at Snowbird the 29, 30 and on the first, I have never been in such snow. There was anywhere between 18 and 36 inches of fresh snow. I was at the P.S.I.A. 60th anniversary and had more fun riding to exhaustion than I thought possible. This is Tuesday evening and my quads & glutes are still recovering. I wish I had a GoPro Cam to film it, I plan on riding at least one day of every weekend until they close Snowbird in June I hope? Where were you riding on May 1st?

  • brian moody

    I was a Tuckerman Ravine. Bluebird and 50′s in the bowl. R.I.P. Kip. I was thinking of you.

  • charles webster baer

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