Going on a ski vacation can be a little daunting. Not because it requires confronting the kinds of mountains and weather that evolution taught us to avoid, but rather a confounding mix of pesky minutia?nswering questions like transportation, where to stay, how much to spend, what jacket to bring, do you bring dance shoes (always), and how to find the gems that only locals know about.

But you know what? even scarier? Not going. Not dusting off the skis. Instead of sitting around and wondering how much flatter your couch cushions can get, you could be getting faceshots, a goggle tan, or poaching hot tubs.

As for all those little logistical problems, here? how you deal with them: You don?. No matter what happens?he unforeseen happenstance of getting stranded, drawing an overzealous TSA agent at the airport, or arriving right before a storm cancels every other flight?t always works out. Every. Single. Time.

For this 2011 Resort Guide, we have asked the best ski areas across North America to supply the most vital info for helping you get a jump on your next trip. They know what matters and can guide you where you want to go. They also realize that you won? learn everything that you need to know to plan a trip in February by reading a magazine in November. That? why all this information will be included in our online Resort Guide, along with mountain cams, weather reports, current conditions and social media feeds telling you exactly what it? like right now. We also included the tools to book your transportation and buy your lift tickets right from each resort? page. All you have to do is pull the trigger. The rest will fall into place. – MATT HANSEN