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Throw your Spandex or lightweight outerwear on and get ready to go for long walks in the mountains with the La Sportiva Vapor Nano. If you are looking for a very lightweight ski for the uphill that can still provide a higher level of performance on the downhill, the Vapor Nano is an excellent option.

The core of the ski is a Kevlar weave composite that is layered with carbon nanotubes, so there is no question of whether or not its lightweight. In fact, it will shock you when you pick it up. To help make it more fun for the downhill, La Sportiva has given the ski a little bit of a rounder tail than previous models, which definitely makes turning smoother and not as uphill speed driven. The Vapor Nano also has a very tapered tip to allow for smooth gliding through the snow, which effectively helps you out on both the uphill as well as the down. You may find that this taper comes back a bit too far when you are skiing down some steeper and more technical terrain, but it is something that is easy enough to adapt to.

When buying this ski, obviously keep in mind that it is intended for the backcountry. It can hold an edge on groomers (surprisingly well actually), but it is not made to be there. One suggestion that could help the ski perform even better for the downhill: mount your bindings a centimeter or two forward of the recommended mount point. This will reduce the overall length of the tip and give you a little more tail to surf your turns more, making you feel more balanced.

I would absolutely recommend this ski, especially the 190-centimeter version, to a strong skier who is very concerned about weight when it comes to touring, but still wants to enjoy themselves when skiing down. Get out there and log some serious vert. —Dane Weister



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