The 12 Days of PVAs: 2003’s “The Dizzouglas”

Meet The Dizzouglas

The Dizzouglas

During the 2003 Winter X Games, Mike Douglas and Chris Davenport got a call. They were in Aspen announcing the ski events. But they really needed to be in Las Vegas for the Powder Video Awards, said the voice on the line. The thing was, they had an X Games meeting at noon the same day, and an event to call the next morning. "It seemed impossible," says Douglas. But at the last minute, David Perry from Aspen/Snowmass hired a private plane to take them to Vegas and back. "It was a surreal 24 hours."

Douglas arrived in style. In mockery of the obnoxious ski fashions at the time, he showed up in a gold Adidas basketball jersey, gold sweatpants, sideways hat with do-rag underneath, a gold $ chain, and attitude.

"That was the Dizzouglas character that I created as my own personal rebellion against the whole ‘gangsta’ phase happening in the sport at the time," says Douglas, whose Dizzouglas skit in Matchstick Productions' Ski Movie 3 won Best Humor at the show. "I still think it’s the stupidest thing that ever happened in skiing. I’d rather see the return of snowblades before that."

The highlight of the night for Douglas, though, was winning Best Male Performance for his role in Ski Movie 3.

"Looking back, I think it’s the award I cherish the most," says Douglas ten years later. "In my opinion, it doesn’t get any bigger in the world of freeskiing. It’s one thing to be the best on a given day, but to be recognized for what you did over an entire year is pretty cool."

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