Photo of the Day: Jason Hummel

Clouds, Alpine Lakes Wilderness, Washington
Clouds, Alpine Lakes Wilderness, Washington

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Jason Hummel

Jason Hummel

Northwest native Jason Hummel learned to ski in the backcountry at age six, but he didn't pick up photography until his best friend, Ben Manfredi passed away in a kayaking accident in late 2003. It was with Ben's camera that Jason took his first images and found that he had a passion for photography. In late 2009, as the markets were crashing Jason left his career as a financial advisor to go ski, hike, bike and kayak. Along the way he was asked if he'd publish his images. It was then that Jason discovered that photography was more to his liking than crunching numbers and advising clients on the best way to invest their life savings, so instead he took his own advice and invested his life savings into himself. These days, the return on that investment can be seen in his images, which continue to grow and develop as he expands his horizons.


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