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Lynsey Dyer. North Cascades heli.
Lynsey Dyer. North Cascades heli.

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Grant Gunderson

Grant Gunderson

One of the ski industry's most dedicated photographers, Grant has shot for every major snow sports and outdoor publication world wide, including: ESPN, Outside, FHM, Powder, Skier, Skiing and Ski. In addition to his editorial work, From Iceland to Patagonia, Grant routinely produces deep powder images, and authentic ski bum imagery define the culture of skiing. He has been recognized by numerous groups as one of the world's top action sports photographers, and he continuously strives to constantly produce unique imagery. He skis close to 200 days a year and makes a high quality (and high-octane) homebrewed ale. Currently he is serving as the Photo Editor of The Ski Journal, while working with a broad range of high-end commercial and editorial clients. You can purchase prints of any of his acclaimed work that will add a bit of class to any skiers home or cabin at:


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  • linda Mueller

    lynsey dyer, watch her, make sure she is safe.
    she is my niece, and, we all love her
    her family is mostly in Michigan, her parents, in the west
    a cousin in the west, but, we love her and wish her safe
    travels, everywhere she goes. YOu have probably photographed her many times, be careful. be kind, be genuine, be honest, be brave
    and mostly be truthul… and thanks for your risky work
    you make it look as easy as the skiers do

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