The POV Chronicles: Head-to-Head

Hoji or Whiteford? Who has the best POV?

One POV edit is not better than the other. I love all the POV edits the same. Well, maybe not all of them. Helmet cams have given a generation of skiers the ability to document their radness. We, the people of the Internet, are here to reap the benefits. Inspired by a Facebook post on Powder’s page, this a showdown between Eric Hjorleifson’s hotter-than-a-Tijuana-sunrise POV edit and Andrew Whiteford’s almost-80-thousand-viewed goodness from last winter (mid-winnntaa to be exact). Post on our Facebook page or in the comments section below which POV you prefer. Let the POV Chronicles begin. -Mike Rogge



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  • squirell m.

    hoji has a heli, but dub’s got soul

    they both rule

  • stan

    I’m a big fan of whiteford and i bias because im a uvm alumni as well, but the lines that hoji skis are incredible. Hoji skis them fast and with control. I have to say hoji wins this one.

  • Squirrel Murphy

    Whitey wins again

  • skiwald

    Ha! my 14 year old nephew dropped in switch, no turns on half of these lines.

    but if I had to pick one of these it’s got to be Hoji. Damn son!

  • 413

    Longmeadow roots


  • Chris

    Both head cam vids are sick, but Whiteford does it without an A-list of sponsors, travel budget or heli. Every line you see you know whiteford beat 10 other crazed j-holers to. Vote goes to Adub!!

  • bpski

    whiteford’s editing is great and the skiing is incredible, but the pucker factor on the lines hoji skis is off the charts. He is on a completely different level of skiing.

  • FAEN

    Hoji wins because he knows how to carve a turn. What is that knees together back seat skiing? Not to mention the music is just plain terrible by whitford.

  • thedude

    I honestly watched 1/2 of EH’s edit, and paused it so i could watch dub’s for the 30th time. Whiteford for president

  • gipbmac

    HOJI RULES IT ALL – super cool dude too…..

  • the buzz

    The White Man

  • Grandpa

    Obviously, they slay. One has the creativity, one has the lines,yet Whitey has captured my day dreams in hour long binges and Hoji has just entered my POV radar.

    Whitey wins this one. Thanks Whitey!

  • Lane

    Hoji’s got the speed, White’s got the invert’s. White’s got the pow lines & Hoji’s head never moves, always in control. Definite toss up!

  • Tic

    Not really that competitive. Hoji is on a different level. ADubs is sick, but his skiing is like Hoji ten years ago in his early matchstick showings.

  • SkiCut

    Both are bad ass, but I got to give it to Hoji

  • T

    Hoji kills it and has way more control and technique. Also, what kind of prick posts a comment in their video tearing down another skier? Pretty lame White guy.

  • john

    Casper for the win! Good stuff A-Dub!

  • Kyle

    Ford man has some spice in his POV….flips and spins…deep pow, butt clenching chutes….! Hoji shows more experience and hold his mittens, and sac tightening line, music is flowing.

    I gotta give it HOJI!

  • jacob


  • BigDumps

    Hoji. Huge lines, technical spines and precise routes. All taken well above the speed limit.

  • ryan connelly

    Extraordinary edits. But if you make me vote, the lines in Eric’s vid push my vote toward him. Toques off to both.

  • votefor

    Vote for Eric, Obviously!

  • Whiteford

    @ T… miles clark is a friend of mine, and the “pro call out” is a joke, part of the game of G.N.A.R. – check it out on unofficial networks. It was all in fun.

    I also mentioned on facebook, Hoji is on one my heros. It’s an honor to be mentioned alongside him. In fact, saying I ski like he did in his early MSP days is a huge compliment. I just make my videos because it’s something I enjoy doing. Really comparing the two of us…kinda apples to oranges. I am glad my videos have gotten people stoked and I’m looking forward to putting out more as winter rolls into Jackson!

    Cheers from the UT desert,

  • aAustin BAker

    Andrew Whiteford!!!

  • joe

    hoji’s is sooo sick. But I’ve watched dub’s several dozen times… and I still watch it almost everyday

  • Colin


  • туристическа екипировка

    I guess Hoji has the best POV…

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