Volume 45 Intro




Being in the mountains is what gives Powder readers meaning and fulfillment in their lives. It’s through the lens of skiing that we experience the world—its joys, sorrows, and beauty. It’s through that perspective that Powder shares stories of depth, that are just as much about sociology, world cultures, economics, psychology, and science, as they are about skiing.

It’s with that philosophy in mind, as well as capturing the strange, unique, and hilarious culture of ski town living that inspired the Moe brothers to start this title, that we continue to evolve the 45-year foundation of Powder.

That and keeping up with the times. In addition to the magazine, Powder now has a full-fledged media studio – Powder Productions – responsible for creating digital features and compelling films. We continue to expand our reach utilizing both traditional and new mediums across the spectrum, whether its multimedia, books, radio, or Snapchat.

While we’re proud of our long history in skiing, we can’t wait for what the future will bring.

Powder to the people,
—John Clary Davies