Volume 43 Intro




Those are the three essential needs former New York Times reporter and editor Joe Sexton asserts humans cannot live without.

For 43 years, POWDER has satiated skiers’ desire for storytelling. The style and format has evolved, but the objective and ambition has remained the same-quality, accuracy, wit, and inspiration.

Skiers want to dream but they also desire the real scoop and accessibility to their daily shred lives, whether it’s 3,000-word feature stories of exotic trips; 5,000-word pieces on climate change and its effect on skiing; satirical rants on our mountain environs, newsy bits, profiles of unique individuals; or, simply, photography. Oh, the photography.

And now, with the saturation of the Internet, skiers demand more content than ever. Which is why POWDER has revamped its online presence. Since December 2013, Powder.com and its social channels now have the largest social media footprint in all of ski media. The daily engagement and retention indicates readers trust our content, as well as our judgment in feeding them what they need.

So when the snow flies and you dream of the endless, untouched powder run, POWDER remains the conduit for entertainment and necessity. Because you can’t live a fulfilling life without spinning a yarn with friends and family about that one day on skis. —JOHN STIFTER