Results: Thursday’s Dew Tour Superpipe Qualifiers

From the Dew Tour — BRECKENRIDGE, CO – Thursday, Dec. 15 — Superpipe Qualifiers went off today in Breckenridge on the gigantic record-breaking 602 foot long superpipe. The field of 51 narrowed down to 11 qualifiers, the top 3 from each heat and then the top 5 overall, plus 5 wildcards who will compete in tomorrow’s semifinals. Jon Marks qualified first in the second heat with the highest score of the day an 80.25 on his first run that started with left 9 mute, followed by a right 9 tail, left 12 tail, flare mute, left 10 tail, switch alley-oop 7. Jon’s run stood out with his amplitude and grabs, he had a good variety of tricks and grabbed all of them.

See the list of the top 11 qualifiers with their scores below.

1. Jon Marks 80.25
2. Tai Barrymore 77.75
3. Simon D’artois 76.00
4. Joss Christensen 73.25
5. AJ Kemppainen 73.00
6. Joffrey Pollet-Villard 71.75
7. Nils Lauper 71.75
8. Peter Olenick 71.25
9. Kyle Smaine 70.50
10. Kalle Leinonen 70.25
11. Yannic Lerjen 69.00

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