Marc-Andre Belliveau releases new EP

By Derek Taylor

Back in the ’00s, Marc Andre Belliveau was one of my favorite skiers to watch. His ability to trick in big lines, revert to switch at high speed, and jib off unlikely obstacles made him one of a kind. In 2006 he lost the use of his legs in an accident in British Columbia. After that, he became one of my favorite musicians, and his song Sink in a Hole is still one of my favorite tracks. MAB has been off the radar for the last few years. But he’s back to skiing, helping his brother run a tour operation in the Chic Chocs in Eastern Canada. And he’s back to making music.

In January, he put out a new EP, titled Sideshow. It’s available on iTunes, and is worth every penny of the $4.95. All the tracks are worth listening to, but I particularly like A Second Ago and Easy. They are songs that will speak to anyone, but particularly if you’re a skier.

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  • Marc Andre Belliveau

    thank you so much bud …

    Yes , i needed to stay off the radar for a while . But I steel keep my ears open to what happen in the skiing community . i was very sad to hear each time one of our own was going down .

    I am deeply touch by what happen to Sarah , CR , Jamie , Mcconkey , jim jack and others in the last few years . My thoughts are with there family and friends .

    I also wanna say thanks to all of those who supported me throughout this hard time: My family , My friends and My fans . thank you all !!! xxxxxxx


    I dedicate this new release to all of those we lost .

    i am plan on doing a donation to the community .
    the more people that buy my album , the more i will be able to donate .
    i you will keep you posted .

    Love you all , hope to see you on the slope and please share !!!

    sincerely ,
    Marc andre belliveau

  • Richard

    Mark please contact me, I am in a wheelchair and skiing for the first time and really had a few questions if you could take the time

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