June Mountain to Close Indefinitely

Mammoth will not operate June for the summer and the 2012-13 season

MAMMOTH LAKES, CA – Rusty Gregory, Mammoth Mountain Ski Area Chairman and CEO, announced today the company will not operate June Mountain this summer and for the upcoming 2012- 13 winter season.“June has operated at an annual deficit each year since its purchase in 1986,” said Gregory. “It is time to invest some of this subsidy into the analysis and planning required to position the resort for a sustainable future, then secure the approvals and financing required to create it.”

Mammoth purchased June Mountain in 1986 with the idea of significantly increasing the size of the resort by building new facilities, extending new runs to the June Lake Village, and fostering additional developed ski areas along the San Joaquin Ridge, resulting in a connection between Mammoth and June Mountains. For a number of reasons, these plans were never realized and June Mountain has, in turn, suffered from an identity crisis that has both stifled its ability to achieve its full potential and required substantial financial subsidy from Mammoth on an annual basis. Cessation of operations will help the company dedicate its focus to a new future for June Mountain. Mammoth will be working with its partner the U.S. Forest Service to reach the best possible result in this endeavor.

In the weeks to come, Mammoth will be working to determine if and to what extent it can absorb June’s year round workforce.
Mammoth Mountain will continue to offer world-class skiing, snowboarding and summer activities for locals and visitors to the region.

Mammoth Mountain has operated continuously under permit from the U.S. Forest Service since 1954, and operated both resorts for the past 26 years. Mammoth Mountain Ski Area also owns and operates a variety of resort businesses including recreation, hospitality, food and beverage and retail including Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, Tamarack Lodge and Resort, Mammoth Snowmobile Adventures, Woolly’s Adventure Summit, Mammoth Mountain Bike Park and the Mammoth Mountain Inn. Mammoth Mountain also operates Juniper Springs Resort, the Village at Mammoth, and Sierra Star Golf Course.

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  • http://www.change.org/petitions/give-it-back-to-the-town Karrah

    Hello, please read this! Sign and share to help save our town!

  • Lisa

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! June Mountain is a haven amongst the intense environment of Mammoth. True it does not bring in the cash for Mammoth as a resort, but it does provide an incredible family atmosphere, while also providing amazing steeps and tree runs all day. As a lifetime skier, I grew up skiing Mammoth and other bigger resorts. Not until I was an employee at Canyon Lodge in Mammoth did I venture “over to June”. I was immediately amazed at the unending tree lines, great (although quickly over) steeps, and friendly attentive staff. June quickly became a yearly trip for my family and extended family of friends. We have been going to June on President’s Weekend for over a decade now, staying at the Boulder Lodge and laughing the entire time as we get up early to make the double chair before the line, enjoy our lunch on the deck, cool beers from the bar, and so many runs our legs are jello at the end of the day. We watched the toaster gather rust for years, hearing stories of the magic gondola that would replace the old two seater. We look over the valley, and envision the truly amazing expanse of a resort that Dave McCoy saw so many years ago. Although we welcome the improvements, and will fully utilize and enjoy the Alps-like environment that a Mammoth-June connection would create, we will continue to enjoy our yearly trip. I can’t imagine that last year was it. My 8 year old has just gained the confidence for Chair 7- I hope her dream of the top will not be crushed by a corporate bottom line.
    If Rusty Gregory truly wants to foster Dave McCoy’s Mammoth, and the world class status created in the Eastern Sierras, he will realize that treasures like June Mountain are well worth the yearly deficit they cost the company. Especially in comparison to the millions spent on the Intrawest Village condos sitting empty while families in June consider their lives without a winter of skiing tourism.

  • Alexandria

    It’s not just about a little mountain closing its going to turn June Lake into a ghost town. Families will move away due to no work, school’s will lose funding for lack of students. June mountain could be an amazing ski resort however mammoth does not give June a chance no money is put in to June! Hard for June to make money when Mammoth does not give June any to work with. Mammoth has new chairs, upgrades, marketing and advertising. Rusty said June does not make money well no kidding! The truth is Little June given a chance could give big Mammoth Mountain a run for its money.

  • Denny Valdez

    Totally devistated: for those who know June, nuff said.
    Speaking with Glen & Kimberly (Plake) the weekend of June’s closing, he eluded there are discussions ongoing with interested parties. Let’s hope this jewel does’t go down for good.
    Till then, RIP June.

  • Ian Phillip

    The comment above from Lisa is my little sis. I must echo her sentiment that the value of this place is it’s inviting, non-corporate nature that makes people want to bring their families back year after year. I see the look on the faces of kids learning to ski, and the professional and friendly staff that makes sure the mountain runs fantastic. Mammoth is world class, and June could sustainably grow to be a money maker while retaining the things that make it special. Add a chair or two to the west, update the double in the lot, expand the lodge a bit, and you have a whole new appeal without losing what makes it great. The places that support visiting skiers are also run by real families. When I travel around the country to ski, my favorite places are always measured against the positive environment of June. Please don’t let this magic place go away. Mammoth can spare the upgrades!

  • http://N.A. Hardie Phillip

    TWO winters back on the Presidents Day Weekend ( on our many year multi-family trip to June Mountain) I was skiing J-7 with my daughter about 12:30. The J7 lift line was maybe three minutes (many people being at lunch.) A man we did not know got on the lift with with us and we struck up a conversation.

    He had driven up from Mammoth and was elated beyond description at what he was seeing at June. Earlier that morning he had waited over an hour to buy a lift ticket at Canyon Lodge, waited over a half hour in line to do a lap Canyon Express and, after one run, had done the math relative to the rest of his ski day. He went to his car, drove to June where, because of the “crowd, ” had to park in the outer reaches of the lot but bought a lift ticket and was now on his way to the top in an astonishing alternative alpine reality. He was ecstatic. In jest we asked him not to tell any of his friends. My daughter and I finished up our day making long line, leg burner rocket turns on J-4, the old ten or eleven minute two-seater…we were virtually alone.

    June Mountain is no secret. Snarky bumper stickers aside anyone who so desires can put the extra sixteen miles or so on their car and experience the contrast between a mega-corporate real estate ski conglomerate operation and an old school ski hill. My family has been among the first ten or fifteen people in line in the A.M. at J1 more times then we can count. My diesel truck has likely awakened hundreds of late sleepers over the years at at The Boulder Lodge. Sorry; we go early.

    We love to eat breakfast up top, score a locker and be among the first people on the mountain. We have never quit before 4:00 and always take (conditions allowing) the get back trail down to the parking lot. My granddaughter is almost nine years old. She learned to ski at June and is the first under twelve year old member of the June Mountain Bad Dogs. We truly hope her cousin, Cameron, age two months, will be the second.

    I am a twenty year season pass holder at Mammoth. I’ve been skiing there for fifty-five years. I love the place. It is incredibly well run and offers anything a skier or boarder could wish for. My daughter, began skiing when she was five, worked for MM for two winters and, as a consequence is a take no prisoners skier who can and does humble all the but the most skilled and fit of my skiing buddies. My two snow boarding sons love Mammoth Mountain as well. Any skier or boarder who has experienced Mammoth and does not like it might as well find a new sport.

    Whatever the politics and corporate financial issues may be (and I’m certain they are complex) I hope there is a way to tweak and/or reconfigure the economic reality to include values not commonly included on the spread sheet. I know corporate bean counters are not programmed to think in that fashion but visionary and creative people can find a way to run June Mountain even if at a financial loss for while longer (until the requisite development occurs and the financials improve) and understand how important the “June Mountain option” is to Mammoth pass holders, families with children learning to ski or board and to certainly to the town of June Lake as well.

    Long live the Tiger Bar!

    Hardie. P. Phillip
    San Luis Obispo, Ca.

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  • aaron

    I really hope June Mountain can make a comeback. It’s a unique resort in that it has a quality and lack of crowds compared to almost every other socal resort. Quaint town, great views, great terrain, friendly people, everything anyone could want on a great ski trip. I have only been snowboarding four years but already a ton of great memories up there, hopefully be able to gain a few more on June Mtn!!

  • Dave

    When I was young (70′s and 80′s) I really enjoyed Mammoth. I excitement of mountain and night-life (well, night-life I wish I could enjoy when I was a little older.)

    Fast forward about 15 years and I found June Mountain with my girlfriend (now wife.) We skied June and loved it. Now with a 7-year-old girl learning to ski, we’ve introduced her to June too. We enjoy the Tiger Bar for breakfast when are not headed up on the mountain or hiking out to Mono Lake. Everything Mammoth is not, June is.

    I don’t know much about corporate ownership at Mammoth, but clearly they don’t get out of the office much. June Lake is beautiful. Simple and beautiful.

    I read the corporate sign at the June Mountain website. The memo could have been talking about a bank on Wall St. “It is time to invest some of this subsidy into the analysis and planning required to position the
    resort for a sustainable future, then secure the approvals and financing required to create it.” It’s a _family ski resort_. If you need a spa and your nails done, go to Mammoth. Oy vey.

    I feel for David and family at Reverse Creek. Our prayers and positive thoughts go out to them and the good folks of June Lake. Hang in there folks of June Lake..we’ll be back!

  • Tom

    Sad. Really sad.
    June is a hidden gem.
    I skied freshies and corduroy this season at June, on days when the snow was all chopped up at Mammoth.
    Great blue cruisers, beautiful views, good food.

    Suggestions: Keep June open for weekends and holidays, give it some publicity at Mammoth, lease it to a third party while the “30 year plan ” is developed, and update that center pole double chair from the parking lot.

    Please don’t kill June :-((

  • Todd

    Save June! I love this place…it’s an amazing release valve from Mammoth on crowded days…I had one of my best powder days in over thirty years of skiing/boarding at this mountain.

  • lynn

    Financial lose? Yes. However, my feelings are that there is more to the story. Anybody who has worked at June is well aware that there is a degree of friction between the two areas. June is treated like the ole red headded bastard step child by Mammoth. It has been referred to as the overload area for Mammoth. I feel as though there are those in Mammoth that are celebrating over the news.
    I, as so many others, feel are great sorrow.
    June was a special place, a family place and yet had some serious steep runs for those who wished an adventure.
    Staff was always kept to a minimum to cut expense. When I worked there, I did, ski instruction, snowboard instruction, drove snow mobiles to ferry people around and set up race courses, drove snow cats, light ski patrol duty and was trained in chair lift evacuations. I was not alone in this, and people took pride in what they did.
    Mammoth is ALL business with that corporate way of thinking that treats the customer like a piece of meat to be processed.
    I say, sell June to someone who cares. Bring back $10 Wednesday, night skiing and some soul to the area and help the people of this special place keep it alive and well.

  • kenny thompson

    June sounds like a place all of America needs to know about, i will help here in Louisiana for you. God be with you June.

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