Don't hesitate! All companies are eligible to register. PHOTO: iF3

Don’t hesitate! All film companies are eligible to register. PHOTO: iF3

For immediate release:

All film companies are now eligible to register for iF3 with a deadline of July 22nd, 2014.

The categories for which producers can register are the following: Professional, Amateur, and Web/New Media. Please answer the questions in the form thoroughly to give iF3 a good idea of what to expect and of what awards should be presented at the iF3 Movie Awards.

Please note that this is the only submission process for all iF3 events around the world, so you’ll only need to register once.

Here is the link to register :

Here is the breakdown of what the criteria are for each submission category:

Web :

This category includes podcasts, web-series, webisodes, and movies with the purpose of being exclusively released online. To be considered in this category, all content must be distributed online for free. A webisode must be at least 3 minutes in length. To be considered a series, at least three episodes per season must be produced. This category is open to both professional and amateur submissions.


Any production crew is welcome to submit their films to this category. While there are no absolute requirements, the following guidelines will suggest that you belong in the amateur category:

-An average of mid to low level athlete sponsorships, if any.
-Minimal external funding, if any.
-Minimal distribution, if any.
-Revenue and sponsorship income is insufficient to financially support the parties involved.
-The film cannot exceed 40 minutes.


iF3 has invited specific production companies to submit their films to the professional category. Additional production companies are welcome to submit their films to compete in this segment, however they will be judged on the same level as professionally made films. While we do not have specific requirements regarding what qualifies as a professional production company, the following guidelines may help classify a professional crew:

-Sponsored Athletes
-Significant external funding
-Professional cinematographers
-Professional editing
-The revenue and sponsorship income are sufficient to financially support the parties involved
-The production company is run as a business