Finals Day 1: Report from the Freeskiing World Tour—Revy

Photo: Mike Schirf/MSI
Photo: Mike Schirf/MSI
From the Subaru Freeskiing World Tour — REVELSTOKE, British Columbia (January 9) — After being forced by Mother Nature to use two weather days, the anticipation of today's first day of World tour competition at The Subaru Canadian Freeskiing Championships was palpable. All the waiting paid off as both the women and men went off on North Bowl at Revelstoke Mountain Resort. With tricks galore, the new style category was once again featured heavily in the competitors' runs. The stage was set for what is forecasted to be a bluebird day for the heli finals on Mac Face tomorrow (Monday, Jan. 10).

Coming in first for the women with a score of 33.33 was Leah Evans of Red Mountain, BC. "Leah skied a great, solid and very fluid line," said judge Chris Rubens. Coming in second with a score of 33.27 was Aspen’s Jacqui Edgerly. Rounding out the top three was the winner of the qualifier day, Tatum Monod from Banff, Alberta with a score of 31.87.

Photo: Mike Schirf/MSI
Photo: Mike Schirf/MSI
The men stepped up to the challenge, throwing down some of the biggest tricks ever seen on the Subaru Freeskiing World Tour, including Collin Collins with the first 720 in tour history. Coming out on top for the men was Drew Tabke, who started first and placed first with a score of 38.53. "I've never gotten that many face shots and ended up in first place, it made for a really great day one," said Tabke. Close behind Tabke was Mad River Glen's Lars Chickering Ayers, with a score of 37.30. In third place was Mat Jackson of Squaw Valley with a score of 36.43.

The top 20 men and the top 7 women will head to Mac Face tomorrow. All competitors will be loaded into a Selkirk Tangiers Heli Skiing helicopter and shuttled to the start. The athletes will be perched above Mac Face, which has received over 60cm's of fresh snow in the last 2 days and is not open to the public and has yet to be skied this season. Tune in to the live webcast tomorrow at 11 a.m. PST to see the Subaru Freeskiing World Tour athletes making fresh turns and throwing mind blowing tricks on what may be the greatest venue on the entire tour.

Subaru Freeskiing World Tour
Finals – Day 1
January 9, 2011
At Revelstoke Mountain Resort

Place. Name, Hometown, Score

1. Leah Evans, Red Mountain CAN, 33.33
2. Jacqui Edgerly, Aspen USA, 33.27
3. Tatum Monod, Banff CAN, 31.87
4. Crystal Wright, Jackson Hole USA, 28.03
5. Nicole Derksen, Revelstoke CAN, 27.50
6. Sara Rose Mancuso, Squaw Valley USA, 25.67
7. Louise Lintilhac, Crested Butte USA, 25.53
Cut Off
8. Michelle Manning, Alta USA, 22.23
9. Martha Burley, Fernie CAN, 21.93
10. Clare Burns, Val d’isere USA, 19.90
11. Angel Collinson, Snowbird USA, 19.20
12. Sonja Lercher, Blackcomb CAN, 16.13
13. Sasha Dingle, Bridger Bowl USA, 15.67
14. Ashley Maxfield, Alta USA, 14.90
15. Tracy Chubb, Sun Valley USA, 13.33
16. Alex George, Jackson Hole USA, 12.73
17. Mckenna Peterson, Alta/Snowbird USA, DNF
18. Alexis DuPont, Sun Valley USA, DNS
1. Drew Tabke, El Colorado, Chile USA, 38.53
2. Lars Chickering Ayers, Mad River Glen USA, 37.30
3. Mat Jackson, Squaw Valley USA, 36.43
4. Spencer Brinson, Kirkwood USA, 36.17
5. Griffin Post, Jackson Hole USA, 35.63
6. Aaron Schmidt, Fernie Alpine Resort CAN, 35.53
7. Carter McMillan, Lake Louise CAN, 34.83
8. North Parker, Sun Valley USA, 34.67
9. Caleb Brown, Fernie Alpine Resort CAN, 34.00
9. Sam Cohen, Alta USA, 34.00
11. Matt Luczkow, Vail USA, 33.90
12. Dylan Crossman, Mad River Glen/Alta USA, 32.23
13. Connery Lundin, Squaw Valley USA, 31.50
14. Sean Cochrane, Revelstoke CAN, 31.33
15. Collin Collins, Sun Valley USA, 31.27
16. Drew Stoecklein, Alta/Snowbird USA, 30.70
17. Matt Potter, Breckenridge USA, 30.67
18. Gord Spurgeon, Revelstoke CAN, 30.00
19. Ryan Hawks, Mad River Glen USA, 28.50
20. Dominick Malaussena, Jay Peak USA, 28.17
Cut off
21. Michael Legare, Blackcomb CAN, 27.77
22. Mark Welgos, Aspen USA, 27.53
23. Phil Hudec, Lake Louise CAN, 26.93
23. Kyle Taylor, Whitefish USA, 26.67
24. Craig Garbiel, Kirkwood USA, 26.27
25. Cliff Bennett, Snowbird USA, 25.87
26. Colston VB, Rossland CAN, 25.77
27. Christian Mandahl, Snowbird USA, 23.60
28. Julien Lopez, La Plagne FRA, 23.33
29. Ryan Kappler, Revelstoke CAN, 23.00
30. Chuck Mumford, Snowbird USA, 22.67
31. Ryan Sullivan, Whistler CAN, 20.20
32. Lucas Gonnthier, Revelstoke CAN, 19.10
33. Alex Wall, Revelstoke CAN, 17.30
34. Ben Wheeler, Snowbird USA, 16.73
35. Nick Leboe, Silver Star CAN, 16.53
36. Ryan Walters, Bridger Bowl USA, 15.77
37. Johnny Collinson, Snowbird USA, 15.33
38. Whit Boucher, Vail USA, 14.80
39. Scott McBrayer, Crested Butte USA, 14.70
39. Axel Peterson, Sun Valley USA, 14.70
41. Mathieu Imbert, VARS La Loral Blanche FRA, 14.53
42. Michael Gardner, Telluride USA, 14.23
43. Silas Chickering Ayers, Mad River Glen USA, 14.13
44. Luke Nelson, Fernie CAN, DNF
45. Benjamin Ogilvie, Fernie CAN, DNF
46. Randy Evans, Crested Butte USA, DNF