Dyanfit Signs Hoji

Eric Hjorleifson signs a long-term deal with Dynafit

Hoji Signs with Dynafit. PHOTO: COURTESY DYNAFIT

Dynafit, the world’s only full-line full-time backcountry brand, recently negotiated a long term contract with professional skier Eric Hjorleifson. In July of 2011, after an extended informal friendship, Dynafit originally signed Eric “Hoji” Hjorleifson as a North American athlete and boot consultant. Now a year later Hoji is a member of the International Team, and lead consultant on boots and bindings.

Human powered athlete Eric Hjorleifson is already hard at work designing and testing new products for 2013 and beyond. His influence in the Vulcan/Mercury/ONE boot development (launching this Fall 2012) has already changed the way the industry looks at alpine touring boots. Recent awards from Powder Magazine and Backcountry Magazine prove these boots are game-changers. Imagine what will happen when Hoji gets his hands on the bindings .

“Officially signing on to work with Dynafit’s boot and binding product development teams is fantastic”, Hoji explained in a recent conversation. “I’m excited for the next few years, I believe there are going to be some very interesting developments with product in these segments, enabling skiers to go further, climb higher and shred harder than ever before.“

Jim Lamancusa, North American Sales and Marketing Director, believes the brand’s reputation as uphill oriented is long over. “We still believe in moving fast through the mountains and making transitions seamless, but the next generation skier makes no compromises in their backcountry gear. The ’Complete Skier‘ needs gear that performs great in-bounds, in side-country, and the backcountry. Hoji is coming into a team that is helping us create great products for this next generation.”

An athlete-driven brand from the beginning, Dynafit is committed to designing faster, stronger, and lighter gear for ambitious backcountry athletes who never compromise. Development of each product is pursued in concert with a select team of athletes, and no product decisions are made without clear go-ahead from the team.

Based in Munich Germany with North American Headquarters in Boulder Colorado, Dynafit arrives on top first with the biggest smiles, with plenty of power left for the ultimate ride down. The highest mountains and most extreme conditions require both the lightest and most bomber gear in the world – no compromises. That is why Dynafit invests in the world’s top athletes, designs, and technology.

For more visit www.Dynafit.com.

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  • skiclimber

    I hope they get burnt. Dynafit is so full of themselves. They never wanted it before, and now they are gonna try and play the game. There reps and people behind the product have shrugged suggestions, sponsorship, and ambassador oppertunities with some of the best in the industry. Not just the new comers to the scene. The comment about being a backcountry race company or whatever being over is such a lame plea to be apart of something that the company denied was happening, and pretended like they had a clue but they didnt

    I hope Dynafit wastes a big chunk of their budget and fails to impress the hardcores that have been playing this game for a long time and at a standard you are just realizing but never knew about. I will go as far to call out a few names in the NA dynafit system. Chris most of all , the most full of himself, and way out of the loop for a long time. That’s one guy who just doesn’t get it.

    Classic example is to let Greg go from the program. I am pretty sure Money rules all, not the nice family relationship Dynafit built with him. Well he is at Salomon now, but I will but Salomon in the same catagory, of a day late and a dollar short. Welcome to the party , your a bit late.

    Die Dynafit Die. Do what you do best and make race bindings, but your radicals are far from rad. You had input from me about 10 years ago that would of put that binding out way ahead of the game.

    Sincerely ,

    a jaded backcountry charger that showed you hard charging footage by today standards 10 years ago and on your binders. you said” thats not our market”

    You guys are messed, I hope you fail miserably.

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