Avalanche Death in Haines, Alaska

Alaska Heliskiing guide, Rob Liberman, dies in tragic slide

Photo Courtesy of DPS Facebook Page

By Mike Rogge

Powder has learned that Alaska Heliskiing guide Rob Liberman, 35, of Telluride, Colorado, was killed Tuesday in an avalanche in Haines, Alaska. According to a Reuters report, Liberman was among six skiers heli skiing the Takhin Ridge, north of Haines.

Liberman was a partner with DPS Skis. When contacted by Powder.com, DPS Marketing Director Philip Drake said of Liberman, “Rob cared deeply, deeply for his family and friends. There was no superficiality or pretentiousness with Rob. He was markedly true to his character and sense of self. He knew what he wanted in life, and most of his pursuits and goals over the last 15-plus years revolved around a deep passion for skiing powder. Rob ‘Outlaw’ Liberman was one-of-a-kind and will be sorely missed.”

In an e-mail with a Powder staffer, DPS Founder Stephan Drake shared this anecdote:

“Shortly after meeting Rob, I was riding an early morning chair with him in Las Leñas. There had been about a meter of new overnight. It was stable, the skies were totally blue, and the snow was glistening diamonds. All of sudden, I looked over and saw Rob violently dry heaving off the side of the chair. Alarmed, I asked him if he was alright. He responded, ‘Oh yeah, no problem…When it’s this good, I just get really excited.””

Powder sends our heartfelt condolences to the friends and family of Rob Liberman.

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  • Steve Benson

    That was Rob… fully passionate and driven by everything ski-related. But he was also as passionate about his friends. I’ve never met anyone like Outlaw. A true original. He was a real mountain freak, and was one of the few people who actually lived his dream.

    The last time I skied with him was on Loveland Pass in Colorado. It had snowed a bit overnight, maybe 4 or 5 inches. But Rob was on full pow alert. He was wearing his one-piece suit in those days –not for irony–but because it was more functional, he said. He had been immersed in his morning routine of heavy coffee and greens and after we pulled out on the pass, he erupted from the truck and ran across the road, boot straps flailing at the bottom of his one-piece suit. He was shouting something, and it took awhile for me and my wife to decipher… “Ohhhhh, like cream cheese, freshy pow pow, freshy pow pow…..” Then he would double over and dry heave in the middle of the road. “Ohhh freshy pow pow, sick, epic, sick, epic!”

    He proceeded to rip it. I love that man! I will miss him tremendously. I had lost touch with him, maybe communicating once or twice a year over email the last several years, but he always stuck in my mind. When he’d pop in my head, which was often, I always felt better knowing there was a spirit like Rob Outlaw Liberman hunting down lines in some remote backcountry. Knowing he was out there doing his thing was just comforting, and always made me feel somehow better about the world.

    RIP Outlaw. You were one of the best ever my friend!

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