For the second year in a row, Alpine Initiatives and Armada have teamed up to release the much anticipated limited edition 2012 AI JJ. This ski offers everything the JJ does when it comes to versatile performance, with the addition of an AI-themed technicolor top sheet designed by AI and Armada co-founder, JP Auclair. As a token of his appreciation for your purchase, JP has signed and numbered every pair of this limited edition. Couple that with the fact that 100% of the proceeds from the sales of this ski go to Alpine Initiatives and you have the most socially-conscious ski on the market!

2012 Armada + Alpine Initiatives collab JJs from Alpine Initiatives on Vimeo.

Armada is going big by doubling the quantity they produced and sold last year, bringing the grand total to 120 this year. Help support AI’s ongoing work by picking up a pair of these beauties directly from Armada’s online store (Available in 185 and 175). You won’t regret it.