Alaska Rendezvous

Operation Overview

Big mountain skiing; white room loving; helicopter whirling; jet fuel smelling; Happiness inducing; Alaska worshipping shredders at 45.6 mile on the Richardson Highway.No one ‘goes back’ to the Rendezvous, everyone ‘comes home’ to the Rendezvous. From the kid who can afford a half day, to the guy with the private aircraft, we accommodate every type of snow worshiper and at the end of the day everyone high fives and talks about their epic day. No status required.

Terrain Overview

You can ski a full day at the Rendezvous just by staying in the front yard. Billy Mitchell North, Happiness, Bogners, Triple Jeopardy, Double Jeopardy and Fork-It-In are all within a five minute flight from base. Want the Cauliflowers with beautiful, steep ramps close to home? That’s a six minute flight. Clueland and the Copper River are 10 minutes away and Three Pigs, better known as ‘Coomba’ is just to the West.

The Bottom Line

We live in the ‘blue hole’ of Alaska and had only three weather days in our 2014 heli season; we skied all other days.


State: Alaska
Annual Snowfall: 1,000 inches
Vertical Drop: 3,500 feet
Years in Business: 15
Exclusive Terrain: 100s of acres
Non-Exclusive Terrain: 1000s of acres
Types of Cats/Heli’s: AStar B2
Seasonal Dates: 03/07/15-04/26/15
Price Range: $550 and up
Down Day Activity: What are down days?
Nearest Airport: Valdez, Alaska
Nearest Town: Valdez, Alaska
Lodging Amenities/Availability: Eight room hotel, massage, laundry, RV plug-ins (offering electricity, showers, garbage services)
Local Restaurants/Bars Alaska Rendezvous Lodge aka Your Home Town Bar with food for peeps who eat ramen or those with deep pockets
Season Highlights: 04/03/15: Celebration of Life Party
Guarantees and Refund Policies: We have standard policies but work with each person individually because we understand: life happens
Phone: (907) 822-3300
Twitter: @ak_rendezvous
Instagram: @ak_rendezvous