Alaska Rendezvous

Operation Overview

You never go back to the Rendezvous, you come home to the Rendezvous. With the confluence of three rivers at 45 mile, protected by enormous peaks, the Rendezvous is situated in the Blue Hole of the Chugach. From the adrenaline and excitement in the mountains to the bar that never sleeps; the Rendezvous is where luxury meets extreme. Your experience at the Rendezvous is not limited to a single life changing moment; you’ll come back year after year. There is a package for everyone; the Rendezvous is where the ninety-nine percent meets the one percent. Everyone speaks the language of high fives.

Terrain Overview

10% beginner, 20% intermediate, 30% advanced, 40% extreme

The Bottom Line

Your best days await you; Tomorrow We Ride.

Season Highlights

  • 04/03/14: Celebration of Life – Special Tailgate Pricing


Annual Snowfall:700+ inches
Exclusive Terrain:Abundant acreage of exclusive skiing
Non-Exclusive Terrain:Thousands of acres
Skiable Acres:N/A
Price Range:$1,000 for one day (six runs) or $9,850 per person double occupancy for a week
Seasonal Dates:03/08/14 – 04/26/14
Years in Business:15
Types of Helicopters:A-Star B2 Helicopters
Guarantees and refund policies:A deposit of one-half the total amount is due at the time of reservation with the second half due 90 days prior to scheduled arrival. If a reservation is cancelled 180 days prior to arrival date, the deposit is ninety percent refundable. If a reservation is cancelled after 180 days 50 percent of the deposit is refundable. If a cancellation is made within 90 days of scheduled arrival, the deposit is nonrefundable.
Down Day Activity:Cross country skiing, ice climbing, touring, ski poles of death, merry banter with the locals
Nearest Airport:Valdez, Alaska
Nearest Town:Valdez, Alaska
Lodging Amenities/Availability:Eight room lodge; two queen beds per room; private bath; zonal heating; RV parking lot
Local Bars:Teddy’s Tavern
Local RestaurantsTeddy’s Fine Dining and Pub Fare, aka Alaska
Rendezvous Lodge
(907) 822-3300