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Junk in the Trunk: Patagonia Untracked Anorak and Pants

The new jacket and pants from Patagonia do ladies proud with style and function

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Patagonia Untracked Anorak
MSRP: $549

Face it: neon green is too 2009 and your trusty Gore-Tex has seen one too many stormy days. Whether you’re looking for new gear or just feel like checking out what the folks at Patagonia are up to, take a look at the new Untracked Anorak and read up on the matching Untracked Pants. With all those days you’re going to get in this season, you’ll need protection from the elements that you can rely on.

The Patagonia Untracked Pants will make you look good in the backcountry or the bar. PHOTO: File photo

The Patagonia Untracked Pants will make you look good in the backcountry or the bar. PHOTO: File photo

Patagonia Untracked Pants
MSRP: $449

There’s something about the Patagonia Untracked Pants that just feels good. The material is soft and flexible. The pants have a high waist and fit in all the right places, while the knees and legs still have plenty of room. You can move in these pants. For women, pants that flatter your curves and still crush it on a steep boot pack are worth every dime. Two long vents that run down the top of your thigh on each leg and have a mesh liner allow you to dump heat quickly (although the mesh gets stuck a lot when you want to zip your vents back up). At a $449 tag price, the Untracked Pants are in the upper echelon of Patagonia’s winter outerwear line, but that price buys you quality that will last forever—as is the Patagonia way. The material is durable, and the inner cuffs around your ankles are reinforced. The pants are also mega waterproof, built with 3-layer Gore-Tex fabric, so you’ll stay dry and ski bell-to-bell even in the harshest of elements. —Julie Brown

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