REVIEW: Jaybird X2 Wireless Buds

These super sounding buds will be your friend—no strings attached

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Details Details

Price: $179

Sizes: Customizable fit

Weight: .26kg

Materials: Comply™ Foam Ear Tips
Silicone Ear Tips

Features: 3.5mm jack

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Marquee image: David Reddick

How do you know someone has run a marathon? They just told you.

So now you know. I did an extensive search of the wireless headphones on the market and came up empty-handed while I was training for my first race two years ago. Here’s wishing the Jaybird X2 Wireless Buds had made their debut back then. When I got my hands on a pair, naturally the first thing I did was toss aside the instructions… only to scramble to find them shortly after. Syncing the buds to my phone wasn’t intuitive, but with instructions in hand (there’s a video too), I was linked up—and the sound was great—like really great, which is usually the downfall of wireless headsets. Not here.

Without a cord to get twisted and tangled, it’s been easy going in these headphones. I don’t typically listen to music while I’m skiing (hard to hear myself talking…to myself) and use these buds more for cross training, but they do fit under a helmet and come with several choices to help customize the fit as well. The sound is very clear and the battery holds up all day in cold temps, for the win. In normal use, the battery lasts about eight hours—which is what, like two workouts for you? Stop showing off.

The Jaybird buds are designed to be worn either under-ear (how your normal ear buds fit and the best option for under your helmet) or over-ear, which gives a little more security if you’re running, biking, or taking a really aggressive phone call. The comfort sport fins come in three sizes that help comfortably lock the buds into place, but I’d skip these if you’re riding with a helmet. You have the option to use silicone ear tips or foam. Both work fine, but the silicone option really blocks out sound and keep the buds in place on or off snow. I’ve never had an issue with the earbuds falling out. Sync these suckers up to as many as eight bluetooth-compatible gadgets–phone, tunes, computer—and you’re free to ski (or dance) off into the sunset.

Skiing Hot: Wireless is your friend. Get the perks without sacrificing sound quality.
Skiing Not: Set-up takes a minute or ten (or that’s just me and you’re a tech wizard).