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Smartwool's seamless boy shorts feel so good you'll want to dance

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Price: $40

Sizes: XS-XL

Materials: 71 percent merino wool, 23 percent nylon, 6 percent elastane

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PHOTO: Maggie Kaiserman

If you like dancing in your underwear, you’ll appreciate the flexibility and stretch of Smartwool’s Seamless boy shorts and sports bra. There are some places where a seam just shouldn’t be, and your woo-hoo is one of them. The fabric—71 percent merino, 23 percent nylon, and 6 percent elastane—has all the ingredients for a blend that wicks moisture, stays breathable, and is warm and stretchy.

I appreciated that Smartwool knows a skier has power thighs, and they designed their boy shorts to accommodate. The cut flatters, but more importantly, it stays put above the hips and around the waist, as well as around the legs. If you’re packing light, these undies are easy to hand wash and dry easily overnight.

The Racerback Sports bra ($60) is a tad less stretchy than the boy shorts, but it keeps everything in place. The bra has an inner and outer lining. A seamless merino wool interior does wonders for comfort and warmth. While the outer shell adds polyester and more nylon to the recipe to give it structure and support. An elastic band secures the sports bra around your rib cage. Wide straps loop over your shoulders and connect in a racerback. I wouldn’t grab this sports bra and take it to my hot yoga class. But for anything outside in the mountains, it’s a winner.

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