Stay Loose With Rumpl

Rumpl blankets are warm, tough, and easy

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Price: $99 (throw)

Weight: 2.1lbs (throw)

Materials: 20D Ripstop Nylon with DWR with 3D Hollow Fiber Synthetic Insulation

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I sleep hot. If my feet aren’t free of blankets, toes to the ceiling or sky, I’ll die a sweaty claustrophobic death. So the Rumpl puffy blanket is pretty ideal—all the comfiness of a sleeping bag without the extremely tight foot quarters. A sleeping bag replacement isn’t all that it’s good for. These blankets are so much more versatile than a sleeping bag, or a blanket. I’ve used mine for picnics, to cover cold/wet dogs in tents, in hammocks, on the beach, and in my bed. Made of weather-resistant nylon with DWR and synthetic insulation, it’s legitimately warm and tough and holds up against dirt, sand, coffee, beer, dog vomit. They dry quickly, too, which is pretty essential. At home on the couch, nothing beats the comforts of grandma’s sewn cotton blanket. Anywhere outside, give me and my hot feet a Rumpl.