Super Season

Fifty-two pages of stunning photographs from Italy's record 2014 winter for the second issue of the Flipbook Series

Three trips. That’s how many times POWDER Senior Photographer Mattias Fredriksson traveled and skied in the Italian Dolomites in two months this past February and March. When it’s that outstanding, you go, and, if you can, return to experience history once again…and again.

This past season, Europe had an odd winter. The Northern Alps—in Switzerland, Austria, and Germany—were dry, while the Dolomites and places like La Grave, in southeast France, received storm after storm of the stuff we live for and revel about later. The Swedish Fredriksson, who owns an impressive knowledge of skiing in the Alps, found a different Dolomite region upon his arrival. Instead of stunning limestone and endless couloirs, the amount of snow and constant spate of storms kept skiers in the alpine forests.

In the second issue of the Flipbook Series, you’ll find three trips worth of Fredriksson’s best photos from his Italian sojourn, with an intro and captions written by POWDER Senior Correspondent Leslie Anthony, who accompanied the Swede on one of those excursions. Click-in to 52 pages of a record-breaking winter.—John Stifter

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  • RicDeLorenzi

    You can’t understand how awesome are these resort! I’ve always skied
    there since I’ve started and I literally fel in love with Dolomites.
    This winter the only problem was to choose between track some new fresh
    lines or hit the park (because we have some banger parks too). So I can
    only suggest you to come here and to take your decision, but I feel like
    you will come back every damn year after this experience

  • Dirtfriend

    WOW! I’m so jealous!

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