The End of the Road

Traveling to the bottom of the world, two skiers navigate unnamed Patagonian roads to discover solitude and steep skiing

Embrace the ride, no? That’s what Salt Lake City residents Adam Clark and Brody Leven did last October when the duo embarked on a 3,000-plus-mile road trip through Chile and Argentina to ski exotic volcanoes. Their only plan was to drive as far south on the continent as possible. Whatever happened in the midst of those dusty and bumpy roads they’d figure out upon arriving to that situation.

Although Leven could probably write a book of this month-long journey from his journal entries, 68 pages of Clark’s photography should suffice with insightful and witty commentary from Leven that can only come from being on the road. Leven nor Clark knew what they were getting into when they hopped in a rented van with graffiti art. But as you’ll read and see in the third installment of the POWDER Flipbook series, not having a plan fueled their adventure to the bottom of the world.

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  • EC

    That was incredible!

    You might want to fix the dates though, you’ve got everything dated in 2014, and since its only July, these guys must have skied in September and October 2013, not 2014.

    • Powder

      Good catch, EC. All is fixed, from ’14 to ’13. Thanks for the heads up.

      • RocknSnow

        says he landed in Santiago in Oct when it was obviously earlier.

  • Ron Fiedler

    AMAZING combo of photos and text!!

  • gnarggles

    ldjlfhaldfklajsfkalsjfjfjhgad sorry i was cleaning off my keyboard.

    you dudes did it right. well done. proper way to experience patagonia. i wont be far behind you.

    • Brody Leven

      Go get it! I’m glad you enjoyed. (Get that thing cleaned up).

      • dema mdq

        Epic travell man ! Im from argentina, sorry for my english.

        I love the pagonia scenario, i have family in Puerto Madrin Chubut, and we go to ski to los andes , to Esquel, very often !!!

  • jameskbachand

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  • Apiso

    It’s possible to get it printed ?? Stunning work !

  • Shaka

    On page 28 says that in chile avalanches do not happen, that´s totally wrong, they do occur during an storm most of it or in really high air temperatures.

  • Deano

    Sensational piece of work for an awesome itinerary, let me know if you need a bagboy for the next one… :)

  • lea

    mountain in BG of punta velluda ski pic on page 60 is not cerro torre.

  • John

    I’ve tried 4 times in three browsers to see this page, but all I get is a large blank space under the social networking bugs and a black banner that says: There was an error embedding your document.
    Embed ID: 0/8685215.

    Is there another link to see it?

    • Brody Leven

      It only seems to be working about 50% of the time for me (on Safari). I just keep pressing Reload a few times, and it eventually works.

  • Todd Lawson

    Gentlemen, some of the finest ski and travel photography I’ve seen in a while. Really stunning…you did justice do every place you went to and conquered. Congratulations on an epic trip done right.

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