Thanks for your interest in POWDER. The first rule for writers wanting to break into POWDER (the magazine and website, that is, not our offices) is: DO NOT send us a query without being thoroughly familiar with the magazine and website. POWDER is written by and for advanced skiers. Our mission is to come as close as possible to the expert skiing experience through words, photos, graphics, and humor. NO snow bunnies, dweebs (unless they’re relatives), condominium reviews, hot stone spa treatment reviews (unless you’re poking fun), travelogues or “my first day on the slopes” stories. If you feel your story appeals to the expert skier, however, we’ll look at anything.

Read the magazine and website well before submitting your query. Look at the types of stories that make it in: every facet of skiing: backcountry, ski mountaineering, park and pipe skiing, ski bumming, heli skiing, racing, expeditions, personalities, trends, environmental issues…in other words, anything that touches the real skier.

Writing should be top quality. Incorporate humor (but don’t try to be a stand-up comedian if that’s not your forte). The POWDER reader has a discriminating eye—challenge him or her. Be creative. Be weird. Don’t be afraid to take chances.

One final note: Our average feature length is 2,000 words, but we have a section of newsworthy bits called Fall Line. These short pieces include features not strong enough to run full length, updates on things we’ve covered in the past, humorous happenings, news, gossip—you name it. So look at Fall Line and don’t be afraid to send us a query for a story that’s only a few hundred words. It’s a great way to get your first story in POWDER—but not the only way. Our Morpheme department includes short essays focused on single elements (one day, one run, one girl). Or, write about a unique best day ever for All Time. Share an adventure in a never before explored place for Latitudes (avg. word length is 1250 words) or the peculiarities of that classic ski town haunt for What’s In. And remember, POWDER is always looking for profiles of interesting people, sponsored and unsponsored alike, that have an interesting story on and off the slopes.


POWDER, 236 Avenida Fabricante #201, San Clemente, CA 92672 Phone: 949.325.6142 Fax: 949.325.6196
Send queries/stories in care of: John Davies, Managing Editor,
Average pages/month: 132-200. Established 1972. Seven issues/year. Circulation: 150,000.
First North American serial rights only. Sample copy $1. No simultaneous submissions.

Contract will be issued with assignment.

We report on material accepted for further consideration in six to eight weeks. Please include clips or a brief publication history. Please include a SASE for returning material. Typed, Times New Roman, font size 12 only. Queries written in crayons on napkins may be considered, but as Mrs. Ludburger said in the second grade, “Neatness c