Avalanche Education

Two Dead in Grand Teton National Park Avalanche

Backcountry skiers Steve Romeo and Chris Onufer perish in deadly slide

published: March 8, 2012

Photo: Ryan Dunfee


The Case For This Season

The Irreverent Ryan Dunfee Attempts To Redefine Satisfying Skiing in 2012

published: March 6, 2012

Chris Rudolph and Jim Jack with Captain Powder in Sun Valley in December 2011

Avalanche Education

Tragedy Hits Ski World Again

Stevens Pass Marketing Director Chris Rudolph (left) and FWT Head Judge Jim Jack Killed in Avalanche

published: February 19, 2012

Powder Magazine

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Three Dead in Stevens Pass Avalanche

published: February 19, 2012



Action in Jackson

Ski touring sorties to the high Tetons before the storm(s)

published: January 21, 2012

About 80 people attended the first annual Eastern Snow and Avalanche Workshop in New Hampshire this fall. Photo: Mike Pelchat

Avalanche Education

Northeasterners Gather for Avalanche Workshop

Notes from the first annual Eastern Snow and Avalanche Workshop at Mt. Washington

published: January 10, 2012



Snowpack Sketchy Across the West

Bruce Tremper: 'Weakest, thickest layer of faceted snow I have ever seen in Utah in over a quarter century'

published: January 6, 2012



West Young Man

Tracking down the ski bum dream... again

published: December 29, 2011



South Bound Saurez

A November ski cruise to the bottom of the earth, replete with penguins, first Ds and a 'Drake Shake-Down'

published: November 28, 2011

East Coast storm skiing. Photo: Tim Fater

Backcountry Tools

Monster (Nor’eastah) Ravages Interior New England

Cries (of 'epic') heard at a small ski hill near Plainfield, Mass.

published: October 31, 2011

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