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Utah’s Dubsatch Collective launches new website with Alaska movie teaser

Even though Sam Cohen grew up at the base of Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah, he’d never seen snow fall from the sky quite like he did in Girdwood, Alaska, in January 2012.

“It just snowed so much,” says Cohen. “We got there and there was a huge storm over 48 hours, and then it was just six inches, eight inches, every night. And then it rained for a bit after a week of constant snow. Right after that, though, it got super cold and starting nuking snow again. You could just see the snow build up in piles or on pillows and see all the layers. It didn’t stop.”

After electing to leave the thin snowpack of Utah in early January, Cohen and Dubsatch skier Leo Aherns and filmer/editor Nate Cahoon flew to Alaska for an indefinite period of time to shoot for their new film, which became “AK The Hard Way.”

“There was no work to be done around here,” says Cohen, “and Alaska had the deepest snowpack in the country.” They met up with fellow Dubsatcher and Alaska native Zach Halverson and skied and skinned around Girdwood—specifically, Alyeska and the backcountry off Turnagain Arm. Eventually, they linked up with POWDER Editor-at-Large Derek Taylor for a feature story on Alyeska that appeared in the October 2012 issue.

Their original goal was to camp out at the Arm, but after building an igloo and enduring the deluge of heavy snow, they decided to stick with the amenities in Girdwood. “We didn’t get to ski as many lines off the Arm as planned,” says Cohen, “because it kept storming.”

Regardless, after spending six weeks in Girdwood and a few more weeks in Haines with Dubsatchers Colter Hinchliffe and Aherns, the Dubsatch scored enough footage for their new film, which will be release soon on their new website. Check out the teaser and experience the record-breaking Alaskan winter through the Dubsatch.

Athletes: Leo Ahrens, Colter Hinchliffe, Lexi Dupont
Guide: Reggie Crist
Photographer: Will Wissman
Cinematography: Everyone
Producer / Editing / Motion Graphics: Leo Ahrens
Soundtrack: Black Keys // Work Me – Tweak Bird // Shivers”


Junk In The Truck: Oakley Frogskins

Because you’re an American. And a skier

In the mid 1950s, the baddest American mothereffers all wore Ray-Ban Wayfarers. Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan, James Dean, John F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, and Audrey Hepburn donned the simple sunglasses. At the time, the hard plastic shades were a departure from their rounder, metallic predecessors.


Turns for Benny Brackett

Remembering a fallen friend through film

Nick Baron, longtime Line Skis MC and Tahoe transplant by way of New York, edited this short season edit as a way to remember friend and fallen skier Benjamin Brackett. Brackett, 29, was killed in an avalanche on March 1, 2012.


Dane Tudor Signs With Scott

SCOTT Sports signs Dane Tudor on Outerwear and Skis

SCOTT Sports is proud to announce that Dane Tudor has signed on to represent SCOTT Outerwear and Skis. Dane, already on the team for Goggles and Poles, will now also be representing SCOTT for Skis, Outerwear including Gloves, Helmets, and Back Protection.


Five Things to Ignore in the Early Season

Everybody take a deep breath

Opening Day
It used to be that Loveland and A-Basin would waste a bunch of money blowing snow in September so their season pass holders could enjoy two extra months of awful skiing on a landing strip of death and whoever opened a day ahead of the other was featured on the Today Show. Now every Minnesotan hill with a 100-foot beginner slope in the shade is trying to claim opening day. Don’t believe the hype. The season doesn’t begin until you can ski uninterrupted until the spring. There will be plenty of time to bitch and moan that it isn’t a pow day even if you don’t start skiing until Thanksgiving.


Stand By Nimbus

A newly released remix of a Japanese adventure

In 1986, the film Stand By Me was released in theaters, capturing the angst of growing up in an economically diverse town and the importance of having friends you can count on. Also, it single-handedly made walking on train tracks an emotional experience.

In 2007, Nimbus Independent was created and they too made films about friends on an adventure. Also, they single-handedly made skiing backward in powder possible and cool.

So here we are in 2012, and Nimbus is releasing a remix of their Hokkaido segment cut to the song “Stand By Me.” What do these two separate entities have in common? Nothing, really, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the edit.


Mid-Winter Skiing at Baldface Lodge

Whatever, opening day

Sure, it’s opening day season and we should all be salivating over centimeters of snow in the Rockies and Whites and nervously watching webcams. But right now cat-skiing in Canada sounds a little bit better than gaper dodging on the white ribbon of death. Which is why this video of Izzy Lynch and Dan Treadway skiing at Baldface Lodge is making me antsy for the heart of ski season.

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Andreas Fransson’s Lyngen Descents

Norwegian lines with the world's best under-the-radar ski mountaineer.

Andreas Fransson is arguably the world’s best, smartest steep skier. He’s not much of a self promoter; he’s been very quietly ticking off huge descents without trying to create much buzz. But that’s about to change. This year, Mike Douglas produced a documentary about him, which is already winning accolades. We’ve got a profile of Fransson coming out in our December issue, but for now you can watch him climb and ski big lines in the Lyngen Alps. And look like he’s having a hell of a time doing it.


A Ski Locker Grows in Brooklyn

The ingenuity of the urban skier

Here’s the thing about being a skier in Brooklyn, New York. Your apartment is the size of a garage, and you don’t have a garage to keep your skis and other seasonal junk in. What most urban skiers have is a steel storage unit, typically in a seedy part of town. So when the snow flies and it’s time to drive or fly to the mountains, you first have to spend an afternoon battling traffic and dealing with the general malaise of storage facility life: weepy, recently single souls; angry ex-husbands; devastated widows, sons and daughters, and of course, the bizarrely well-dressed salesman who keeps thousands of boxes of god knows what in unit 3-E.

Last winter I took fate into my own hands, pulled my skis out of storage for the last time, and built a locker of my own outside my room. It cost $85 and fit everything I needed—even my favorite pair of flask-ski poles given to me by Matt Sterbenz over at 4FRNT. Behold…


The Base Grind: October 7

Your skiing news of the week.

As some rise, so do others fall. According to the French website SkiPass.com (thanks Google translate!), Coreupt is officially liquidated as of September 24th. This August, there was news about some abrupt moves that were being made to make the brand profitable again, but it appears that their financial troubles were too much. This means that the remaining skiers under contract with Coreupt are officially released from their obligations to the brand. Look for announcements of new ski sponsorships for skiers like Kevin Rolland, Justin Dorey and JF Houle in the near future.


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