Robin O’Neill’s MSP Photos

Canadian eye candy

Whistler-based Robin O’Neill, who might just be the most underrated ski photographer out there, just posted a gallery of photos she shot during production of this year’s Matchstick Productions film. They’re beautiful. You should look at them right now. Or maybe you shouldn’t because you’re going to want to move to Pemberton, and spend all your money on heli drops.

Check them out here.


Junk in the Trunk: Scott Rove Helmet

Our intern tests Scott’s newest headpiece

Football players aren’t the only ones worried about the effects of head injuries. With jumps getting bigger and lines getting tighter, skiing is leaving more people dazed and confused than a Snoop concert. Scott hopes to quell the rise of cranial catastrophes with its new Rove helmet. The freeride brainbucket utilizes MIPS technology, a low-friction zone between two protective layers, which reduces crash force. This means the hard outer shell absorbs most of the shock while your head and the helmet’s inner layer rotate within it to avoid serious impact. Think mild headache instead of mild concussion after your next tomahawk (and a 50 percent reduction in rotational acceleration from a standard helmet).


Shred Sauce Time Waster

A new video game developed by member Malcom

A member of has created a new video game just in time for summertime cabin fever. The game features jumps, rails, and a character straight out of Montreal. Go Expos!

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Who is the skier on the September 2012 cover?

We gave September cover boy Chris Rubens a call to tell him the news

Not to toot our own horn, but being on the cover of POWDER is kind of a big deal. Coming in hot for the first issue of volume 41, Canadian and all-around good dude Chris Rubens is the September 2012 cover boy, kicking it off with a fresh powder shifty from Mount Baker, Washington. The photograph was taken by longtime POWDER photographer Grant Gunderson. Rubens had no idea until yesterday when we tricked him into agreeing to a Skype interview. Click “Read More” below to watch his reaction.

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Discrete, Icelantic Take Top Honors at Sony Eye of the Condor II

The event wraps up at Ski La Parva

After a week of long days, and even longer nights spent deep within the Andes at Ski La Parva, the second annual Eye of the Condor culminated with the inaugural iF3- La Parva in Santiago, Chile. The teams, Discrete, Icelantic, Widsix, and Chile showcased the films and photos that embodied their time in the Andes.


Season in Review: Chris Logan

"I'm not the rookie but I still hit all the jumps first."

Chris Logan talks about skiing in Europe, not being the new kid, and how the jumps at the Level 1 shoot in Sun Valley were “big” and also “large.”


Welcome To First Chair

The place to get quick news hits, the latest and greatest videos, photos, and more from the ski web universe

First chair. As skiers, it’s what we strive for every time we throw the skis on the rack and drive to the mountain. With the re-launch of, we’re proud to introduce our own version of the phenomenon. The place to get quick news hits, the latest and greatest videos, photos, and more from the ski web universe.


Junk in the Truck: Patagonia Women’s R1 Hoody

Hood rat style

There are a few core pieces of gear that I have in multiple iterations. Stuff that I always revert back to, even when newer, shinier alternatives come across my desk. I’ve been wearing the same models of socks and goggles, sometimes literally, for a long time, only replacing them when they get worn down. One of those pieces is a Patagonia R1, in my mind the perfect midlayer. I wear mine skiing, hiking, and, until recently when I moved out of Boulder, out to the bar to pick up dudes.

A few years back they started making a guy’s version with a hood, which was a great idea because everything (sweatshirts, cars, neighbors) is better with a hood. But they only did it for guys, which was heartbreaking and fascist. Ladies have ears too, Yvon.


Expectations: Eye of the Condor II

We talked to Team Discrete and the judges about the second annual South American photo and video contest

Sony’s Read More >


The Base Grind: Friday’s News Roundup for July 27th

Progression, old dude tricks, and why skiing with friends is awesomer

Between a Rock and an MMSA
The latest community update meeting in the town of June took place this Wednesday, with residents passionately resisting Mammoth Mountain Ski Area’s two primary demands in exchange for keeping June open: a subsidy from the town for airport improvements and the ability to construct more bed space for visitors. Residents are skeptical of the demands CEO Rusty Gregory put on the town earlier this month to make June more attractive to week-long destination visitors—they’ve been unable to find a cab driver who has ever taken a fare from the airport to June. While the Forest Service has yet to issue the mountain a letter of non-compliance, it seems more and more unlikely that MMSA will get what it wants in exchange for keeping the mountain open, as they face a determined community struggling to produce their own solution with their very limited resources.


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