Pretty Faces

Not just another women’s ski movie

If you want to make a girl’s ski movie, you’re going to have to do it yourself. Or, at least put it together yourself.

Perpetually disappointed by the lack of women’s shots in ski films, Lynsey Dyer decided to put together her own movie. “I’ve seen for a long time what’s happened with my own footage,” she says. “I’ve had worthy lines that haven’t made the films, so I knew they existed, and I knew other girls had a similar experience.”

Dyer farmed the hard drives and cutting room floors of production companies like TGR, Warren Miller Entertainment, and Red Bull to pull together forgotten footage from the past few years. She wasn’t the only one frustrated by lack of exposure. A vast number of women skiers—from Angel Collinson to Kaylin Richardson—have jumped on board, contributing clips and helping with editing. The result is Pretty Faces, a feature-length movie slated for a fall 2013 release.

The trailer is out today, and it’s not giggles, tutus, and heavy-handed girl power like some women’s shred films. It’s doubles, laid-out backflips, and ladies saddling up to serious drops. It feels like a legitimate ski movie instead of a soft stoke film. “We could put out ski porn for years, but I want to tell more of a story,” says Dyer.

The project has been self-funded up to this point, but Dyer is in the process of finding a money-making plan to guarantee the film happens. “Probably Kickstarter and straight-up begging,” she says.


Sweettime at the Bunyan Room with Charlie Wheeler

Superhero brawls and Superbowl letdowns at a New Hampshire classic

What is the craziest thing you’ve seen?

Would’ve happened at this year’s Halloween party, just a few weeks ago. We had a packed house and everyone did a great job with their costumes. But two girls were on the dance floor and squared off in a mini dance contest, with one dressed up as Batwoman and one as Superwoman. Everything seemed to be going along great until things started to get chippy. Before I knew it, we had Batwoman and Superwoman in a full-fledged brawl in the middle of the dance floor. It took everyone a minute to realize they were not joking around.


Junk in the Truck: Dakine Drift Down

See you soon, super cold days

Perfect for resort skiing, not too puffy. , $349


Émile Allais

Founder of the French ski school passes away at 100

Émile Allais, considered by many to be the first superstar French skier, died October 17 at the age of 100. Allais saw several generations of skiers come of age and helped found and develop skiing in the Alps. He established the French Ski School that still exists in most French resorts today and worked at Squaw Valley and Portillo, Chile later in his career, before settling back in Europe as technical director at Courchevel.


Pick the Trick Contest

Win a David Wise head-to-toe O'Neill outerwear package.

Enter the Pick the Trick Contest. Guess the trick that David Wise throws and you’ll be entered to win a David Wise head-to-toe O’Neill outerwear package.


An Adventure in Transition

Banks Gilberti tells the story of his season through film

“There are no words to describe how happy this video makes me every time I watch it, and I really hope it can do the same for you.” —Banks Gilberti


Oakley’s Airwave Goggle

A sneak peek at Oakley's new goggle with heads-up display

Today, Oakley is launching the Airwave, a new goggle that has heads-up display, GPS and smartphone connectivity, and a whole grip of other features. Andy McSorley from Oakley told us all about it.


Early All Time: Powder Mountain, Utah

Forty-two Inch Storm Hits Pow Mow

It all seemed a bit surreal. Pinning it toward Powder Mountain, the Wasatch was blanketed in a heavy winter coat. In one day, thoughts of skiing, looking over weather forecasts, and watching ski movies culminated into the real thing.


Ambush Academy Changes how Amplid Sponsors Skiers

Use the interwebz to go pro

On October 15, ski brand Amplid and GoPro announced the Amplid Ambush Academy, a social media-powered program designed to change athlete sponsorship. In early November, the Academy will select 20 skiers and 20 riders to compete in five monthly challenges by skiing, filming, editing, and posting their video responses to the web. Based off of these responses and the number of viewers, Amplid will name two winners, a skier and boarder, to their pro team.

“With social media, you can control yourself as an athlete,” says Amplid co-founder Peter Bauer. “It’s the star-check for getting into the hall of fame. Look at a case like Tom Wallisch. He made himself famous through channels he could administer… and at some point other media picked up on it.”

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The Meltdown South

Mike Hornbeck, Ben Moxham, and Brady Perron go to Chile to make a movie

After five years of summer on the Mount Hood Glacier, Mike Hornbeck, Ben Moxham, and Brady Perron were looking for a shift in gears for their summer skiing fix. Chile turned out to be the perfect answer. They coached at Evolve Chile ski camps and shot their second short film together, The Meltdown South. Following in the footsteps of their first short movie, The Meltdown, they made a candid, no bells and whistles documentary, with all athletes involved shooting on their DSLR cameras. Check out to be a part of the adventure next summer. —Corey Stanton


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