A Ski Locker Grows in Brooklyn

The ingenuity of the urban skier

Here’s the thing about being a skier in Brooklyn, New York. Your apartment is the size of a garage, and you don’t have a garage to keep your skis and other seasonal junk in. What most urban skiers have is a steel storage unit, typically in a seedy part of town. So when the snow flies and it’s time to drive or fly to the mountains, you first have to spend an afternoon battling traffic and dealing with the general malaise of storage facility life: weepy, recently single souls; angry ex-husbands; devastated widows, sons and daughters, and of course, the bizarrely well-dressed salesman who keeps thousands of boxes of god knows what in unit 3-E.

Last winter I took fate into my own hands, pulled my skis out of storage for the last time, and built a locker of my own outside my room. It cost $85 and fit everything I needed—even my favorite pair of flask-ski poles given to me by Matt Sterbenz over at 4FRNT. Behold…


The Base Grind: October 7

Your skiing news of the week.

As some rise, so do others fall. According to the French website SkiPass.com (thanks Google translate!), Coreupt is officially liquidated as of September 24th. This August, there was news about some abrupt moves that were being made to make the brand profitable again, but it appears that their financial troubles were too much. This means that the remaining skiers under contract with Coreupt are officially released from their obligations to the brand. Look for announcements of new ski sponsorships for skiers like Kevin Rolland, Justin Dorey and JF Houle in the near future.


Rory Bushfield and The Family Circus

Nitro Circus welcomes Rory Bushfield

Two summers ago, my roommate and I drove through the Nevada desert to Las Vegas for the first Nitro Circus Live show in the States. At the invitation of Nitro member and professional skier Erik Roner, we toured the backstage area , met the cast and crew, and watched the mayhem ensue. From afar the Nitro Circus looks like a mainstream media “adrenaline junkie” cast of misfits, but in reality, they’re a friendly, welcoming crew whose actions should be the model for every professional athlete, extreme or no. Behind the scenes, there is virtually no ego, a lot of positivity, and encouragement.

Joining the crew this last summer was skier Rory Bushfield. At the behest of Travis Pastrana, Bushy ran away to the Circus on their highly-acclaimed Australian Tour. The Nitro family released this video highlighting a few of Bushy’s antics from this past summer. Way to represent, Rory, and nice double back, bud.


Sochi Announces Slogan for the 2014 Olympics

And it is terrible

Yesterday, to highlight the fact that there are 500 short days until skiers will be doing flippy spinny things in the Olympic Halfpipe, the Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee announced their Olympic Slogan.

It’s bad. Real bad.

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Keystone Sessions

The Orage team goes to Colorado, and drops a grip of edits.

The Orage team is putting out 14 edits this winter, compiled from their travels last season. They dropped the first few, from a park shoot at Keystone, in a chunk, so you can press play, sit back, and watch Banks Gilberti, Chris Logan, McRae Williams and Phil Casabon ski.

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September Skiing in Chamonix

Fall turns in France

Nate Wallace sent over this edit of Thor Husted skiing in Chamonix last Thursday. It’s nothing mind-blowing, just some cruise-y early-season turns on a run that seems like it’s miles long, but it looks fun. Really fun. Like, all I want to do right now is walk away from my computer, put my boots on, and make sunny swish turns fun. Sure, pictures of snow in the mountains are nice for firing the pre-season stoke, but videos like this make it feel like it’s really on.


Notes from the Road

The MSP Films tour makes the rounds.

The Matchstick road crew is taking the Superheroes of Stoke on tour. Here’s what they’ve seen at their first few stops.

Vancouver, Canada

Roadies Jeff Berman and Rob Greener sailed through the border to America junior with ease, no rubber gloves needed for the MSP road crew. A true Indian summer is upon us and its hard to think skiing is around the corner t-minus 60 days and counting.

In North Van fashion, we had an explosive rowdy crowd stoked to see something in the terms of the winter season. On hand we had the backbone of MSP: Hoji, Heimer, and Townsend. The autograph line was slammed from doors open till the start of the movie. Movie goers were treated with complimentary Red Bull and plenty of beer to get the party started before Superheroes of Stoke.


Glen Plake appears on CNN

CNN's Anderson Cooper interviews Glen Plake about the Manaslu avalanche.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper interviews Glen Plake about the Manaslu avalanche.

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Greg Hill’s Account of the Manaslu Avalanche

The Canadian mountaineer on the slide and the conditions leading up to it

“In all mountain travel there is an assumed risk, one that we take since we are searching for adventure.”

That’s how Greg Hill starts his account of last weekend’s fatal avalanche on Manaslu, and it underscores how important it is to weigh risk in the mountains. Hill is most likely still alive because he chose an untraditional campsite and was away from the main camp when the slide kicked off.


Ted “Grampa Grunt” Quintin, 1939-2012

The owner and operator of Grampa Grunt's Lodge in Vermont passed away on Friday the 21st

On Friday, September 21, 2012, Ted “Grampa Grunt” Quintin passed away at his home in Montgomery Center, Vermont. He was 73. Born September 5, 1939 in Houlton, Maine, Quintin was the first paid ski instructor at Jay Peak, an engineer, lobster diver, and former U.S.-Canada border patrol officer. However, he will be best remembered as the owner and operator of the iconic ski lodge, Grampa Grunts Lodge, also located in Montgomery Center, only a few miles from Jay Peak. Known for his love of playing cards (he won the lodge in a card game in 1969) and hospitality, Quintin played host to thousands of ski bums searching for deep powder in the Jay trees, a cheap place to stay, and a greasy-spoons breakfast.

When reached by phone, Quintin’s son, Brad Quintin, said he plans to continue to operate the lodge in his father’s memory.


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