The 12 Days of PVAs: 2003′s “The Dizzouglas”

Meet The Dizzouglas

During the 2003 Winter X Games, Mike Douglas and Chris Davenport got a call. They were in Aspen announcing the ski events. But they really needed to be in Las Vegas for the Powder Video Awards, said the voice on the line. The thing was, they had an X Games meeting at noon the same day, and an event to call the next morning. “It seemed impossible,” says Douglas. But at the last minute, David Perry from Aspen/Snowmass hired a private plane to take them to Vegas and back. “It was a surreal 24 hours.”

Douglas arrived in style. In mockery of the obnoxious ski fashions at the time, He showed up in a gold Adidas basketball jersey, gold sweatpants, sideways hat with do-rag underneath, a gold $ chain, and attitude.


Free Swag and the Rule of Reciprocity

Say no to free samples

The scene is common enough. You’re at the Dew Games or Movie Premiere X, and MonsterBull’s in the corner handing out free cans of carbonated liver poison while the emcee throws out free schwag—T-shirts, hats, coozies, lanyards, sticker packs, or whatever the petroleum-based product of the day happens to be. While kids climbing over each other to claim an ugly polyester balaclava seems innocent enough, there’s some more sinister psychology at work.

The rule of reciprocity runs deep. Parents teach their children that when they receive something, they are obligated to repay that debt. It’s a simple concept of give and take, and one that works in surprising ways. Behavorial scientists have found that if a waiter leaves a mint with the bill, diners will tip up to 23 percent more. BYU Sociology professor Phil Kunz sent Christmas cards to 578 strangers he had never met, and received 117 in reply, some several pages long and with attached photos of family members.


The Base Grind: December 16th

Watch your swing.

Renowned downhill racer and golfing enthusiast Bode Miller may be in for a long dry spell in the bedroom ever since accidentally nailing his wife in the eye with a golf ball going 160 mph during a round of couples’ golf this week. Morgan Beck’s injury required 50 stitches to repair. Could be a boon for sunglass maker Kaenon, however, since the direct impact to the SR-91 polarized lenses Beck was wearing at the time of the accident did not shatter. Bet someone at Oakley marketing is kicking themself right now.


And Then There Were Four

Who will be crowned the best ski town in North America?

When the Ski Town Throwdown started on October 29th I don’t think anybody realized how many ski towns would rally behind their cause or the Internet fervor with which they would do so. Nor, like a March Madness Bracket, could many people have predicted this Final Four. The story of this contest has been the little ski town and the power of their passionate communities, as evidenced by the Final Four.


Twelve Years of Powder Awards

Recounting the memorable moments leading up to the 13th annual Powder Awards

The 13th annual Powder Awards presented by Icelandic Glacial kick off in Park City, Utah, January 17 at the Park City Live music venue. The annual red-carpet event that celebrates filmmakers, skiers, and photographers has taken on several different locations and iterations the last 12 years, so we’re looking back at the highlights.

The first annual Powder Video Awards and Reader Poll in 2001 was held in a Las Vegas night club. “It was an awesome night,” remembers former POWDER Editor Keith Carlsen, who conceived the event. “We couldn’t afford the club for the entire night and it was a hip-hop club, so the place was overrun as we were finishing up. It became a bunch of white skiers mixed it up with a hard-hitting Vegas club scene.”


Op-Ed: Film Segments vs. Competitions

Clayton Vila sounds off on the importance of film segments over competitive skiing

Clayton Vila, a K2-sponsored skier, recently released “The Creep” an all-encompassing video part of his footage from Teton Gravity Research, Poor Boyz Productions, and Stept Productions. In an op-ed for, Clayton explains the need for more film segments in skiing.


Breckenridge Dew Tour Pops Off This Weekend

Freeskiing’s best at Dew Tour’s one-hitter

The 2012-2013 freeskiing competition circuit kicks off this week as the Read More >


MSP’s “Counting up to 20″ Episode 17

Sean Pettit's Teenage Wasteland in 2009's In Deep

He may have put together one of the best film segments of 2008 in CLAIM, but IN DEEP really marked Sean Pettit’s coming-out party. This segment was filmed almost entirely during one trip to Haines, AK in February of 2009 – and he proved to the Powder Video Awards judging panel that he was the obvious choice for 2009’s “best male performance” award.

Episode 1 Soul Sessions and Epic Impressions
Episode 2 The Hedonist
Episode 3 The Tribe
Episode 4 Fetish
Episode 5 Pura Vida
Episode 6 Sick Sense
Episode 7 Global Storming
Episode 8 Ski Movie
Episode 9 Ski Movie II
Episode 10 Ski Movie III
Episode 11 Focused
Episode 12 Yearbook
Episode 14 Push
Episode 15 Seven Sunny Days
Episode 16 Claim

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Junk in the Truck: Not Your Father’s Neck Gaiter

The Patagonia Capilene Balaclava serves a powder purpose

My dad used to tuck his fleecy neck gaiter underneath his wool hat. At first, I tried to emulate his steeze, but as I got older, I thought his style was too old school. Just like taking out the trash, his prodding to “wear your gaiter” became annoying and too responsible-sounding.

So when the Shaun White-inspired bandana-over-the-face look—which had a practical purpose on the summer glaciers by keeping your face from frying like sizzling bacon—became fashion, again, I didn’t see its purpose outside the sunny glacier days. But after a few years of watching the bandeeze flood the lift lines on storm days, I elected to take a turn through the balaclava/Buff turnstile.

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Field Productions Launches New Web Series

The Norwegian ski film company shows a preview of their two-year film project

Following the success of 2011’s release, Being There, producer and cinematographer Filip Christensen needed a break from theannual ski film mold. Christensen, 24, has been making films since he was 15 under the banner of Field Productions.

“We felt it was time for a new pattern. Releasing one film per year makes it difficult to reach our goals,” says Christensen. “Two years gives us the opportunity to develop ourselves as filmmakers. It feels right, and hopefully it will result in better films from Field Productions.”


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