Junk in the Truck: Skullcandy Aviators

Something for your earholes

Jay-Z had a hand in designing the Skullcandy Aviators. We heard he listens to


Welcome to BrewTAH

Alta makes beer for Utah skiers

Once upon a time in Little Cottonwood Canyon, a group of skiers decided to build a resort. Through unique vision, hard work and ingenuity, the Alta Ski Area rose from the remnants of an old mining town. The 2012-2013 ski season is Alta’s 75th and the management has come up with the best way to commemorate the occasion: Beer.


MSP’s “Counting up to 20″ Episode 13

Hoji moves out of the park in 2005's The Hit List

From huge lines in Terrace to massive booters at Whistler, Eric Hjorleifson puts on a show that exemplifies his progression from self-proclaimed “park rat” to one of the most well-rounded skiers of this generation. Long before the beard, Hoji was demonstrating skills that had veterans taking note. Check it out, and come back every Thursday as we count up to 20.

Episode 1 Soul Sessions and Epic Impressions
Episode 2 The Hedonist
Episode 3 The Tribe
Episode 4 Fetish
Episode 5 Pura Vida
Episode 6 Sick Sense
Episode 7 Global Storming
Episode 8 Ski Movie
Episode 9 Ski Movie II
Episode 10 Ski Movie III
Episode 11 Focused
Episode 12 Yearbook


A Skier’s Journey: Dubai

Every night in Dubai it snows

Dubai is the unlikeliest of ski destinations, but it has a local ski hill. Its 200 vertical feet of air conditioning and desalinated frozen ocean rising up out of a shopping mall. And the “mountain” has its locals: Emirati dreaming of winter, ex-pats from the Alps, who carve GS turns down the manmade slopes. You can ski every day, for 12 hours a day. And, as Jordan Manley and Chad Sayers found out, a turn feels the same just about anywhere.

See the first episode of “A Skier’s Journey: Japan” here.

[Update] When we posted this story it stirred up some blowback about the environmental responsibility of manmade skiing, and whether we should be promoting skiing in the heart of the desert. Jordan Manley and his co-director David Irvine chimed in. Here’s what they had to say about Dubai:

Why did we go to Dubai?

The A Skier’s Journey series hasn’t necessarily been about promoting each location, though we’ve fallen in love with more than one place along the way. The series has been a survey of the global landscape of skiing as it exists, in its many forms.

The not-so-great ecological story of Dubai is well known and documented. At the same time, and in spite of this, in the midst of this, there seemed to be a real skiing community here. This contradiction, the fact that both of these things might be true, made us uncomfortable. Can something be real and good, even if it is predicated on so much that is not?

It was fascinating to meet someone who had never skied outdoors, whose entire ski experience was produced by an impressively engineered and incredibly energy intensive facility. And that, at the end of the day, it harnessed just enough gravity, made just enough snow, to maybe just look like, and maybe just feel like skiing. As someone whose idea of skiing is so closely related to the idea of being outside in the mountains, I found it fascinating to meet someone that shared a passion for skiing, yet had so many of the elements that I cherish stripped away from it. In some ways, what we found was modest, raw skiing.

Ultimately, this episode was made to explore a different kind of skiing, and hopefully it would lead to the internal question, “What is skiing?” Why do we love it? What are the elements (community? the physical motion of it? your environment?) that make it special and real to each of us?

Dubai sits at the extreme edge of what might be considered a ski location/culture. Probing at the margins of skiing, where the most romanticized elements of modern downhill skiing become stripped away, we felt was the best place to ask these questions.

—Jordan Manley and Daniel Irvine (directors)


Vote for the 2013 POWDER Awards Reader Poll

Who's the best skier? You make the call.

You’ve got opinions, right? The 2013 POWDER Awards are coming up, and you, the reader, have an important role in how the night turns out. As tradition dictates, readers are asked to vote for their favorite men and women athletes in the Reader Poll by voting online at www.PowderAwards.com, or by tweeting, or posting an Instagram photo and tagging it #PowderAwardsVote. So make your voice heard, and see who wins on the night of January 17, 2013. Will Tom Wallisch and Ingrid Backstrom keep their places at the top of your list, or will someone new knock them off the podium?


The Winner of the Second “Pick the Trick” Contest

Did you guess right?

Did you guess which trick David Wise threw in the second round of the “Pick the Trick” contest? Switch double 9, that’s what.


Ski Town Throwdown Matchup Preview: Whitefish v. Whistler & Fernie v. Mammoth

The line on the first round of battles

What’s going to happen in the first round of battles? Here are our previews.


Drink Beer and Ski for Your Local Avalanche Center

You can do that. You can totally do that.

The kind of people who want to support avie centers are pretty smart. Or at least smart enough that they’ve found ways to fundraise by getting backcountry skiers to do what they already do: ski and party.

This weekend, the Friends of the Colorado Avalanche Information Center are putting on their annual Benefit Bash, which is arguably Breckenridge’s best party of the year (i.e. you don’t have to go to Cecilia’s). Last year, they raised $72,000 through silent auctions and beer sales. This year they’re shooting for more than $90,000. You can still get tickets here.

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Pretty Faces

Not just another women’s ski movie

If you want to make a girl’s ski movie, you’re going to have to do it yourself. Or, at least put it together yourself.

Perpetually disappointed by the lack of women’s shots in ski films, Lynsey Dyer decided to put together her own movie. “I’ve seen for a long time what’s happened with my own footage,” she says. “I’ve had worthy lines that haven’t made the films, so I knew they existed, and I knew other girls had a similar experience.”

Dyer farmed the hard drives and cutting room floors of production companies like TGR, Warren Miller Entertainment, and Red Bull to pull together forgotten footage from the past few years. She wasn’t the only one frustrated by lack of exposure. A vast number of women skiers—from Angel Collinson to Kaylin Richardson—have jumped on board, contributing clips and helping with editing. The result is Pretty Faces, a feature-length movie slated for a fall 2013 release.

The trailer is out today, and it’s not giggles, tutus, and heavy-handed girl power like some women’s shred films. It’s doubles, laid-out backflips, and ladies saddling up to serious drops. It feels like a legitimate ski movie instead of a soft stoke film. “We could put out ski porn for years, but I want to tell more of a story,” says Dyer.

The project has been self-funded up to this point, but Dyer is in the process of finding a money-making plan to guarantee the film happens. “Probably Kickstarter and straight-up begging,” she says.


Sweettime at the Bunyan Room with Charlie Wheeler

Superhero brawls and Superbowl letdowns at a New Hampshire classic

What is the craziest thing you’ve seen?

Would’ve happened at this year’s Halloween party, just a few weeks ago. We had a packed house and everyone did a great job with their costumes. But two girls were on the dance floor and squared off in a mini dance contest, with one dressed up as Batwoman and one as Superwoman. Everything seemed to be going along great until things started to get chippy. Before I knew it, we had Batwoman and Superwoman in a full-fledged brawl in the middle of the dance floor. It took everyone a minute to realize they were not joking around.


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