Cham Storm Skiing w/ J.P. Auclair

Shot and edited in the French Alps

Words: J.P. Auclair

I didn’t have any film commitment last week, so I took a chance and did something I had been waiting to do since last December—specifically, pack the car, go to Cham, and catch up with the characters over there.

The weather wasn’t looking too good, but everyone I spoke to told me to make my way and “see what happens.” I also had new planks from Armada to try out so I figured, even if it was stormy, I could still go for a couple turns. Turns out I had an amazing three days. I shot all the footage from my GoPro and edited it, as well.

Fresh track on the north face of the Aiguille and hot lapping Les Grands Montets.

A huge thanks to Andreas, Bjarne, Tof, Tom & Ben for letting me tag along, for setting up bomber anchors and opening routes!

Read Andreas Fransson’s account here. Read Ben Briggs’ account here.

Riders On The Storm by the Ahn trio


Back to the Future of Film With Shane McFalls

Because you can't paint with the same color every time

Traveling Circus cameraman Shane McFalls is a member of one of the six film teams shooting away in the parks of Mount Hood’s Timberline for Newschooler’s annual West Coast Sessions, a week-long park video shoot that serves as the casual bookend to the park ski season. And while camera technology has leapfrogged into the realm of 4K heli ball-mounted nonsense that can read people’s thoughts in super HD, McFalls is going for an entirely different aesthetic this week. While hipster film lovers may take great satisfaction in the mechanical whirring and 60’s look of cheap Super 8 cameras, Shane’s gone instead to the forgotten chapters of filmmaking history by bringing back a 1988 Panasonic VHS camera and a 2000-era VX 1000 MiniDV camera, a staple of skateboard videos. And not because the picture looks good.


To: All Employees, Red Bull Action Sports Division

Re: Goat jumping on pig

I’m sure that by now you’ve seen the “baby goat playing on giant pig” video, and hopefully the Action Sports Division has had some time to absorb the implications vis-à-vis our athlete branding strategy going forward. Despite all the money we’ve thrown into enthralling the beverage-consuming public with stupid human tricks performed by bros in flat-brimmed hats, we’re getting crushed in the ratings by adorable animal videos on YouTube. As I write this, the baby goat’s Q-rating and Likability Index has surged past NBA MVP LeBron James and is now rivaling breasts and illegal drugs. In fact, when we recently polled the public, well over 60 percent said that not only did they prefer baby goats to people jumping snowmobiles out of helicopters, but they also admitted that if they did watch a Red Bull event it was only in the hope that there would be some kind of fiery conflagration that would immolate everyone involved.


Junk in the Truck: Hydro Flask Stainless Steel Growler

Warm beer? Ain't nobody got time for that

Temperatures are heating up and so is parking lot après season. And whether you’re coming back to the car after a long tour or legendary slushy bump runs, two things are for certain: 1. You want your post-ski beer to be frosty 2. It probably won’t be. To prevent your Tacoma’s Gem Top from turning into a scorching beer oven. Bend, Oregon’s Hydro Flask introduces its 64 oz. Wide Mouth Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Growler—a growler designed to keep hot contents hot, and cold contents cold.

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One Tough Lady

Shirley Sundt beats cancer (again) to keep skiing

The first snow of the season had already blanketed the Cascades when Shirley Sundt learned she had breast cancer again. The doctor felt sure chemotherapy could save her remaining breast. Shirley had other plans. “Just take it off,” she said. “I already bought my season pass.” Shirley’s multi-week ski lesson at Crystal Mountain started in a few weeks. She wasn’t about to miss it.


Week In Review: May 5

Renewable resorts, bump skiing, and May Day pow

You may never have heard of it (although Ted Kennedy used to ski there), but Massachusett’s Berkshire East is now the first ski area in the world to get 100 percent of its electricity from on-site renewable energy. The ski area, which had installed a 900-kilowatt wind turbine on the mountain in 2011, much like neighbor Jiminy Peak did years before, added a 500-kilowatt solar farm with 90 panels that will rotate to track the sun. Why’d they do it? No, not for a slow clap from Al Gore, but rather as a hedge against future energy costs, which, after labor, are most ski areas’ biggest cost.


The Gladiators Of Tuckerman

Searching for the edge of sport on Mount Washington

A relatively small pocket chiseled from the southeastern side of New Hampshire’s 6,288-foot Mount Washington, Tuckerman Ravine is modest in size. Yet the ravine’s walls are home to some of the steepest established backcountry skiing in the country. It’s the coliseum of East Coast skiing. Ever since Toni Matt accidentally straight-lined the 55-degree Headwall during the third and final iteration of the American Inferno race in 1939, reaching almost 85 miles per hour on wooden skis, it is where the East Coast skier, usually resigned to mechanically groomed trails between dense hardwoods, proves their mettle.


Michelle Parker On Real Women Video

McConkey influenced the MSP-produced edit for inaugural ESPN competition

I also really wanted to keep it lighthearted and funny. Always looking up to Shane [McConkey] certainly has influenced this edit in that way. Plus, it was really fun shooting the silly parts of this edit. A leaf blower? Are you serious? It was hard to hold a duck face for long enough for a shot without laughing. Hopefully people can appreciate the humor and a little insight into who I am. I really wanted to make it different and to make people laugh.


Remembering Ian Lamphere, 1977-2013

"He was so genuine and loving and funny"

Leigh Lamphere remembers when he realized Ian Lamphere, his cousin, college roommate, and best friend, was headed on a different path. Leigh was hiking to one of the back bowls from Smugglers’ Notch and Ian had, serendipitously, walked to the same bowl from Stowe.

“It was a powder day,” says Leigh. “And I just skied a little off the main path, and I looked back and saw him launch a 25-foot drop and land in powder, just out of the blue, and I was like, yeah, he’s definitely a skier now.” Ian’s father started dropping the boys off at Smuggs for ski lessons when they were 3-year-olds. They continued skiing together through their time at the University of Vermont.

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Rogers Password

Doug Sproul releases "Uptracks, Bootpacks and Bushwhacks," a guidebook about Rogers Pass

Once described on a Canadian Pacific Railway advertising poster as ’50 Switzerlands in One’, Rogers Pass, just along the corridor of the Trans-Canada highway between Revelstoke and Golden, holds enough terrain for a lifetime of ski touring. For decades, skiers have explored this area known for deep powder, huge vertical relief, and some amazing ski mountaineering objectives. In the past five years, the number of skiers in the area has steadily increased, so local ski mountaineer Douglas Sproul saw a need for a comprehensive guidebook for visitors and locals alike.

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