The Story Behind Super G TV Episode 23

Former POWDER intern, rapper, and current Smith Optics team manager talks about his 23rd video edit

You could call it the most voluminous discography of marketing manager ski edits with Super G TV. But Super G’s efforts are more than that. Combining soul with the most genuine stoke and stomps in the amateur big-mountain game, Super G and his 23 edits have been an inspiration to us all, especially when sitting behind an insurance salesman-like desk, trying to pen ski stories in Southern California.

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Junk In The Truck: MFD Freetour 30L Backpack

From the creators of the ALLTIME binding, comes a new line of ingenious packs

I recently had the opportunity to test out the new MFD Freetour 30 backpack for a couple weeks of spring peak bagging and shredding in Colorado. I was lucky enough to be shooting photos of Chris Davenport and Ted and Christy Mahon so the pace was obviously quick. The MFD pack’s smart design helped with fast transitions and easy access to food, water, and other necessities while on the move.


Speedflying in AK

This is what flying feels like

Fresh tracks are enough of a reward for booting up a steep, narrow couloir. But flying? In this edit by Pryce Brown and ON3P Skis, this crew uses the beautiful, big lines of Alaska as launch pads to take to the sky.


Jumping Over Chairlifts at Mount Hood Skibowl

Gus Kenworthy, Jossi Wells, and T.J. Schiller at Mount Hood Skibowl

I grew up skiing at Mount Hood Skibowl. It has two chairlifts, one that accesses the Upper Bowl and one that access the mellower Lower Bowl. The top chair has a thick steel foundation with a wooden structure housing the wheels and gears and things that make it spin around in a circle. I’ve probably ridden that slow double thousands of times. Never once did the thought cross my mind that you could jump over the structure, or slide along the thick steel tubes hovering over the lift line. But that’s what these guys did. I guess that’s why I sit at a desk for a living, and these guys ski for money.


The Future Of (Luxury) Skiing

How ski resorts need to cater to their only growing customer segment

Future Yellowstone Club competitors will sell fully customizable runs to the highest bidder, allowing Russian oligarchs the chance to specify the number of trees, pillows, and cliffs along with the degree of slope, depth of snow, and number of NBA All-Stars they get to high-five on the way down. Gas fireplaces will be placed anywhere a discerning guest could potentially stop and be disturbed by the harsh reality of winter weather, including lift lines, parking spaces, trail markers, and anywhere with a decent view.

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Video Edit: A Walk in the Park, Part II

Adam Delorme piledrives park skiing on its head

The piledriver is an illegal move in professional wrestling. The move was made most famous when Jerry “The King” Lawler slammed Hollywood comedian Andy Kaufman into a Memphis mat, fictionally snapping Mr. Kaufman’s neck. In the move, the wrestler grabs his opponent, turns him upside-down, and drops into a sitting position, driving the opponent head-first into the mat, rendering the opponent stupidly dizzy (Source: Wikipedia!). A 1975 song, “Piledriver” by Dennis The Fox, set to a 2013 edit by Adam Delorme has similar effect. One needs only go to 2:56 in the video to see Delorme piledrive his skis sideways into the landing of a big jump in Mammoth’s UnBound Terrain Park to feel the abnormally smooth tail-butter landing to switch. We borrowed the term “switch” from boards sports. If skiing has any appreciation of innovation at all, we will now call the landing at 2:56 a Delorme. Or, due to the mind numbing affect it has, we can borrow from wrestling and call it a piledriver.

Ed’s Note: For A Walk in the Park Part I, click here.


Junk In The Truck: Arc’teryx Switchblade

The perfect mobile office companion

The Arc’teryx Switchblade is always with me. It has more than enough room to carry a 15-inch MacBook Pro, iPad, myriad chargers, cables, GoPro, magazines, notepads, pens, spare hard drive…and that’s only in the main compartment.


Kim Jong-un Wants to Build a Ski Resort in North Korea

Supreme leader of communist nation wants to rival 2018 Winter Olympic host South Korea

Skiing has reached a new political height, as Kim Jong-un, the supreme leader of North Korea, announced plans for his military (yes, a military) to build a “world-class ski resort” in his nation by next winter to rival 2018 Winter Olympic host and longtime neighbor and enemy South Korea. The Korean Central News Agency quoted Kim as saying, “A skiing wave will seize the country,” once the resort is completed.

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Great Moments in American Skiing

Tommy Moe, Daron Rahlves, Dan O'Callahan, and T.J. Burke

In honor of Memorial Day, enjoy these great American skiing triumphs.


Sammy Carlson Invitational Recap

Behind the scenes at Mount Bachelor

“I think I’ll hike up for a few more hits,” says Sammy Carlson. He has spent his whole afternoon launching to the top of his Invitational’s massive wall ride and was the event’s overall winner after a raucous session on the feature at Mount Bachelor, Oregon. But as usual, the indefatigable Sammy C. is just getting started.


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