Discrete Headwear: Computer Science-Inspired Steeze Wear

The backstory of Julian Carr’s headwear brand

Knowing that being a pro skier has a shelf life, Julian Carr started Discrete Headwear in 2008.


Week In Review June 16: Massive Hot Tubs and Log Slides

Scando domination continues, Alta progression, and new Whistler lifts

Week In Review June 16: Massive Hot Tubs, Log Slides, Scando domination continues, Alta progression, and new Whistler lifts.


Backyard Builds With Ahmet Dadali

Dadali on how you can create the best backyard jib set up ever

Ahmet Dadali has been on top since taking home the Breakthrough Performer and Best Jib honors at the 2011 POWDER Awards. Before that, however, he was another rag tag East Coast kid trying to ski all year long. Along with the now legendary I Hate NY crew, they turned Western New York from a hot summer spot to a backyard factory that churned out some of today’s best street skiers.


Jossi Wells is ‘Late’

Finally, his edit from last year

I wouldn’t call Jossi Wells a slacker. But he’s a year late on this edit from 2012. Can’t say I blame him. There’s plenty of other stuff I’d rather do than sit down at the computer to chop hours of footage into a fancy two-minute clip. I know how it is when you put something off for a day, which turns to a week, and then a month, and then it’s snowing again, and you just throw it out the window. But for this one, late is better than never. —Julie Brown


New Athletes Qualify for 2014 FWT

Top 14 skiers from the Freeride World Qualifiers advance to the big leagues

A new group of skiers moved up in the ranks and secured spots on the Freeride World Tour next year. There are 14 men and women—seven from each of the two regions, Europe/Oceania and the Americas—who earned enough points in the Freeride World Qualifiers to compete on the elite and global 2014 FWT.

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POWDER’s Co-Lab Votes

The Hair, The Hammer, and plenty of other shout-outs

There’s $100,000 on the line over at Teton Gravity Research. On Monday, a public voting period started for anybody who submitted a 5-minute edit. Voting closes July 15. Then, from July 22 to August 9, athletes will vote on the clips that finished in the top 21 from the public voting period. On September 20, somebody is going to the bank with the biggest deposit of their lives.

Unless you’re unemployed or a vampire, you probably won’t have time to watch all 40-something edits. We didn’t either, but here’s what we liked.


Legs of Steel Trailer

The metal band of ski movies drops the preview for their latest film

Legs of Steel, the fist-pumping, metal-crushing Euros who are the rock band of skiing, just dropped the trailer for their latest film, “The LOSt.” These are the guys who sent 13 skiers off three jumps at the same time for a shot that looked like orchestrated chaos and subsequently won the 2012 POWDER Award for Best Manmade Air. This time around, there’s fire involved. For “The LOSt,” Legs of Steel toured the streets of Ukraine, the Swiss backcountry in Davos, and the steep spines of British Columbia. They filmed with their original crew, including Bene Mayr, Thomas Hlawiscthka, Paddy Graham, Tobi Reindl, and Sven Kueenle, and brought in some special guests like Max Hill, Frej Jönsson, Antii Ollila, and Lolo Favre. They say this is the self-titled E.P. of their films, and it’s dark with “fire, energy, and black-magic ski action.” Rock on.— Julie Brown


Nipwitz’s Last Stand

Behind the brains of "Brain Massage"

Nipwitz, a Finnish-based group of skiers, has dropped countless mind-blowing edits over the years. They highlight ski trickery that forces viewers to pause, rewind, and mouth, “What the f*ck?” on a regular basis.



It's more than deep powder that makes me happy to be a skier

T.M. and I hit it off and I ended up crashing on his floor for the next four days. It was my first time to Telluride, and he and his roommate, John, were kind enough to not just lend me shelter, but to show me around Bear Creek and vouch for me at the Lizard Lounge, the Telluride Ski Patrol’s speak-easy.

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Week In Review June 9: Female Firsts and Video Trailers

Dont pet park city dogs, The Yoke Collection, and Aspen gets dusted

POWDER Magazine’s Week In Review June 9: Female Firsts, Video Trailers, dont pet park city dogs, The Yoke Collection, and Aspen gets dusted.


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