Legs of Steel Trailer

The metal band of ski movies drops the preview for their latest film

Legs of Steel, the fist-pumping, metal-crushing Euros who are the rock band of skiing, just dropped the trailer for their latest film, “The LOSt.” These are the guys who sent 13 skiers off three jumps at the same time for a shot that looked like orchestrated chaos and subsequently won the 2012 POWDER Award for Best Manmade Air. This time around, there’s fire involved. For “The LOSt,” Legs of Steel toured the streets of Ukraine, the Swiss backcountry in Davos, and the steep spines of British Columbia. They filmed with their original crew, including Bene Mayr, Thomas Hlawiscthka, Paddy Graham, Tobi Reindl, and Sven Kueenle, and brought in some special guests like Max Hill, Frej Jönsson, Antii Ollila, and Lolo Favre. They say this is the self-titled E.P. of their films, and it’s dark with “fire, energy, and black-magic ski action.” Rock on.— Julie Brown


Nipwitz’s Last Stand

Behind the brains of "Brain Massage"

Nipwitz, a Finnish-based group of skiers, has dropped countless mind-blowing edits over the years. They highlight ski trickery that forces viewers to pause, rewind, and mouth, “What the f*ck?” on a regular basis.



It's more than deep powder that makes me happy to be a skier

T.M. and I hit it off and I ended up crashing on his floor for the next four days. It was my first time to Telluride, and he and his roommate, John, were kind enough to not just lend me shelter, but to show me around Bear Creek and vouch for me at the Lizard Lounge, the Telluride Ski Patrol’s speak-easy.

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Week In Review June 9: Female Firsts and Video Trailers

Dont pet park city dogs, The Yoke Collection, and Aspen gets dusted

POWDER Magazine’s Week In Review June 9: Female Firsts, Video Trailers, dont pet park city dogs, The Yoke Collection, and Aspen gets dusted.


This Is The Best Lego Skiing We’ve Ever Seen

Somebody sponsor this guy!

This video is making the Internet rounds right now. Hand drags, backies, mute grabs—it’s the best Lego skiing we’ve ever seen. Sign this guy, Red Bull!


Great Moments In Skiing

Suzy Chaffee Saves the World

Suzy Chaffee was a politician, activist, Olympian, freestyler, pioneer, icon, and model. But she is probably best known for breaking the hearts of men throughout the world (or at least mine), and becoming Suzy “Chapstick.” Here, she goes mainstream in a montage of commercials, shreds some pow, slays ski ballet, and flirts with Catfish Hunter.


Watch Stept Productions’ Edit of Torin-Yater Wallace

Who said TYW is just a pipe jock?

Stept Productions followed pipe star Torin-Yater Wallace around Aspen’s Buttermilk Mountain during the Winter X Games. Click on “Read More” to watch the 1:30 edit of mini-park footage and his X Games pipe run.


So They’re Skiing Powder In Chamonix…Still

Nate Wallace and the season that won't end

Nate Wallace started sending me videos of him and his friends skiing powder in Chamonix in September. It’s early June now, and they’re still coming. From skiing’s North Shore, it’s the season that won’t end.


How To Write Your First “Sponsor Me” Cover Letter

Right after you finish that "sick edit"

Another ski season’s in the bag and that means another 6,345,890 hours of murderously boring skiing POV footage was captured that Youtube shouldn’t allow on its servers. However, for the few talented kids out there, that footage might be worth editing to achieve the dream of “sponsorship.”


The Story Behind Super G TV Episode 23

Former POWDER intern, rapper, and current Smith Optics team manager talks about his 23rd video edit

You could call it the most voluminous discography of marketing manager ski edits with Super G TV. But Super G’s efforts are more than that. Combining soul with the most genuine stoke and stomps in the amateur big-mountain game, Super G and his 23 edits have been an inspiration to us all, especially when sitting behind an insurance salesman-like desk, trying to pen ski stories in Southern California.

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