Torin Yater-Wallace All Grows Up

A short film on the 17-year-old phenom

This is 17-year-old Torin Yater-Wallace. The video is worth watching for the archive footage alone, and despite the overly-dramatic music (and all the Targets), this is a nice biography of POWDER’s 2013 top Young Blood (from issue 41.6), the list of the best skiers 18 and under.


Breaking Down: Avalanche Sharks

Just when you thought it was safe to...nevermind

If only Robert Shaw were still alive.

Who’s Robert Shaw?

I’m happy you asked. Robert Shaw, better known as the actor that played Quint in the original Jaws, died in 1978, a distant 35 years before he ever had the chance to reprise the roll in Avalanche Sharks.

What’s Avalanche Sharks?

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Volkl Freeski Webisode 4: Live From Verbier and the Bec de Rosses

Featuring Charlie Lyons, Nadine Wallner, and Sam Smoothy

Featuring Charlie Lyon, Nadine Wallner and Sam Smoothy, webisode four tells the story of the athletes working towards the iconic Bec de Rosses venue of the Freeride World Tour final in Verbier. Freeride World Tour rookies, Austrian Nadine Wallner and Kiwi Charlie Lyons have dreamt about competing at the Verbier comp. Lyons went in to the contest with a lot of momentum, so watch to find out how he fares alongside Volkl teammate Wallner.


Movers and Pushers

Mount Hood's Timberline hosts a five-day camp that aims to make a better park

Last week, snowcat drivers from around the world landed at Mount Hood for Timberline’s annual Cutter’s Camp. Acting as a pseudo brain trust of snow movers that aim to make safer and greater terrain park features, the camp, now in its 11th year, is spread over five days. Drivers share ideas and learn new building techniques in the classroom and on-hill with different building exercises.


Smith Optics Donates $26,000 to Sarah Burke Foundation

Memorial goggle sales go to St. Jude's Children Hospital Donation

“We wanted to find a way to support Sarah and her legacy,” says Gabe Schroder, Smith’s ski promotions manager. “Sarah meant so much to this brand, we wanted to honor her by raising money to support the Sarah Burke Foundation and its mission. We know this donation will be put to good use and hope it continues to raise awareness for her foundation.”


Week In Review May 19: Twitter War and Aiguille du Midi Cable Car Fire

POWDER theme park, the thoughtful Nicky Keefer, and Big Bear boasts

Two hundred and fifty one people got stranded on Chamonix’s Aiguille du Midi tram after the engine of one of the iconic cable cars broke down and caught on fire. Thereafter, two helicopters made 45 trips to rescue the group consisting mostly of tourists. No report as to whether the vertigo was horrible, terrible, or downright unbearable.

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Go Vote for Ingrid

Because she is the best, and in the finals of ESPN's Real Women Video Contest

You’re up against Leticia Bufoni, a skateboarder. Those guys have their own video games and shit. How do you hope to win this thing—pray the audience mistakes you for a snowboarder?

I hope to stay in this thing just purely from the heart and soul of all the skiers out there. Leticia is amazing, but the outpouring of support from skiers has been incredible, so hopefully that counts for something. And if anyone happens to mistake me for someone much cooler, that’s fine too.

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Junk In The Truck: Suunto Ambit2 S Watch

Time to burn off the beer belly

Unless you booked a ticket to Chile or live in Alaska, ski season is over. It was a good one, but it’s time to move on. Stop lusting after Dynafit’s Beast 16s and start thinking about your summer gear needs. How are you going to get some color back in those legs? What’s it going to take to burn off the summer beer calories?

One of my favorite new summer accessories is Suunto’s Ambit2 S watch. It’s like a computer on your arm that helps you maximize workouts so you’re in top form when the snow starts falling again next winter.


The Jaded Local Reviews Greg Stump’s Legend of Aahhh’s

Dr. StrangeStump comes back for more

Greg Stump came to Mammoth last week to show his new film. I didn’t really know what to expect—it seemed like it’s been years since the first announcements about the project, and I’d heard no shortage of conflicting rumors about Stump himself. So I grabbed a ski bro and we went to the show.


This Candide Thovex P.O.V. is Absurd

The best skier on the planet at his home hill

This is the most fun I’ve ever had skiing and all I did was sit in my office and press play. Movie of the Year. Edit of the Century. Done.


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