The Level 1 Trailer (Thank God)

Here's to partly cloudy days, and winter

It’s 1 million degrees everywhere. The country is literally on fire. Safeway just ran out of charcoal, Budweiser, and bocce ball kits. Tomorrow is the most iconic day of the American summer.

Which might be why this trailer, from the winners of last year’s Powder Awards Movie of the Year, feels so damn good. (Well that, and because the skiing is insane.) Someday, it’s going to be winter again.


Meanwhile at Mt. Hood #1: The Intern Returns

Line Skis takes over Windell’s Camp; mayhem ensues

Hibbs’ week at Windell’s Camp concluded with a heavy session on a two-foot-high backflip jump during which he attempted double backs and a double Lincoln loop. Right beside him was renowned Traveling Circus daredevil Ross Imburgia, who wagered a switch double front flip, but encountered difficulties upon reentry.


Junk In The Truck: Smith Gibson Sunglasses

Down by the river

There are certain products that just make life easier. The Smith Gibson and Smith Neoprene Retainers are just that. Easy. Featuring Smith’s kick-ass optics and a lightweight frame, the Gibsons are my everyday sunglasses. Even when floating in the river.

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And it's badass (especially for a commercial)

Produced by Camp 4 Collective, the footage is as good as it gets. Enjoy this multi-sport promo video from the giant goat of online outdoor gear retail. Our only question: with all this amazing footage, why the flailing backflip to represent skiing?


Week In Review June 30: Shaun White and Bear Creek

Fire rings, Jesus remains in Whitefish, and it's dumping in South America

Week in review for June 30: Shaun White, Bear Creek, Fire rings, Jesus remains in Whitefish, and it’s dumping in South America.


Skiing Is Gay

A Q&A with Chris French, the founder and president of Ski Bums, the largest LGBT ski club in the world

Ski clubs are scattered throughout the country, a way to bring shredders together in cities and towns and transport them to the mountains. And they’re a great excuse for people to get together and drink beer. Here’s an interview with Chris French, 39, the founder of Ski Bums, the self-proclaimed largest LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) ski club in the world.


Junk in the Truck: REI Double Shot Press Mug

For your caffeine-deprived brain

My favorite bonus feature is the REI Double Shot Press Mug is the airtight canister that screws into the base. This canister can be used to keep extra grounds (or a bit of Bailey’s), because one cup is rarely enough.


DEEP: The Future of Snow

POW nudges, Obama announces climate change plan

Protect Our Winters (POW) celebrated a monumental milestone Tuesday as President Obama announced a long-awaited, three-pronged plan to fight global warming. The initiative includes cutting carbon at power plants, funding renewable energy technology, and fortifying America against extreme weather events.


Behind The Lens With Christian Pondella

A short video on the POWDER senior photographer and general badass

In 1994, POWDER Director of Photography David Reddick was lapping Mammoth’s Chair 22 on a storm day. On the lift, he met Christian Pondella, a young photographer himself, who also happened to be skiing the chair solo. Reddick gave him a business card. Twenty years later, Pondella is a senior photographer for POWDER and his images are some of the most recognized in skiing. An expert climber, Pondella is known for being able to put himself in places most photographers simply can’t get to. This video is produced by F-Stop, who has Pondella on their pro team, and makes bags for adventure photographers.

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Junk in the Truck: Dakine Concourse Double Ski Bag

An essential for the traveling ski bum

WORDS: Julie Brown

Dakine Concourse Double Ski Bag
MSRP: $225

As a skier, it’s hard to travel light. Not only do I need to pack the gear essentials. But I’m a girl and I need clothing options for when I go out to the discotheques in Verbier. So that’s why I use the Dakine Concourse Double Ski Bag. This thing is so big it fits everything I need for any trip: my skis, backcountry setup, curling iron, helmet, jackets, little black dress—you know, the things you can’t leave home without.

Dakine offers this ski bag in two sizes, at 185 and 200 centimeters in length. It definitely fits two pairs of skis. The polyester fabric is thick and durable, and I trust it to carry a weighted load. Unzip the bag and you’ll find three insulated pockets and dividers so you can keep your skis and poles organized with your outerwear and clothes. With urethane wheels and handles on each end, plus two straps that fit perfectly over a shoulder, there are a lot of options for carrying it. And that flexibility is nice, especially if you’re navigating a tight aisle on a European train or lugging it to the international terminal on the other side of the airport.

The only thing is that it’s easy to put too much in this bag and go over airplane weight limits. I usually carry my ski boots on, not only to save weight, but if your bag gets lost in transit, ski boots are the thing you’ll miss most.

Here’s the bottom line: The Dakine Concourse Double is like Mary Poppins’ bottomless carpetbag. Seriously, you can fit an intern inside it.


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