Video Edit: A Walk in the Park, Part II

Adam Delorme piledrives park skiing on its head

The piledriver is an illegal move in professional wrestling. The move was made most famous when Jerry “The King” Lawler slammed Hollywood comedian Andy Kaufman into a Memphis mat, fictionally snapping Mr. Kaufman’s neck. In the move, the wrestler grabs his opponent, turns him upside-down, and drops into a sitting position, driving the opponent head-first into the mat, rendering the opponent stupidly dizzy (Source: Wikipedia!). A 1975 song, “Piledriver” by Dennis The Fox, set to a 2013 edit by Adam Delorme has similar effect. One needs only go to 2:56 in the video to see Delorme piledrive his skis sideways into the landing of a big jump in Mammoth’s UnBound Terrain Park to feel the abnormally smooth tail-butter landing to switch. We borrowed the term “switch” from boards sports. If skiing has any appreciation of innovation at all, we will now call the landing at 2:56 a Delorme. Or, due to the mind numbing affect it has, we can borrow from wrestling and call it a piledriver.

Ed’s Note: For A Walk in the Park Part I, click here.


Junk In The Truck: Arc’teryx Switchblade

The perfect mobile office companion

The Arc’teryx Switchblade is always with me. It has more than enough room to carry a 15-inch MacBook Pro, iPad, myriad chargers, cables, GoPro, magazines, notepads, pens, spare hard drive…and that’s only in the main compartment.


Kim Jong-un Wants to Build a Ski Resort in North Korea

Supreme leader of communist nation wants to rival 2018 Winter Olympic host South Korea

Skiing has reached a new political height, as Kim Jong-un, the supreme leader of North Korea, announced plans for his military (yes, a military) to build a “world-class ski resort” in his nation by next winter to rival 2018 Winter Olympic host and longtime neighbor and enemy South Korea. The Korean Central News Agency quoted Kim as saying, “A skiing wave will seize the country,” once the resort is completed.

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Great Moments in American Skiing

Tommy Moe, Daron Rahlves, Dan O'Callahan, and T.J. Burke

In honor of Memorial Day, enjoy these great American skiing triumphs.


Sammy Carlson Invitational Recap

Behind the scenes at Mount Bachelor

“I think I’ll hike up for a few more hits,” says Sammy Carlson. He has spent his whole afternoon launching to the top of his Invitational’s massive wall ride and was the event’s overall winner after a raucous session on the feature at Mount Bachelor, Oregon. But as usual, the indefatigable Sammy C. is just getting started.


Week In Review May 26: Beer lawsuits and Aspen bike shares

Nine resorts still open, VHS is back, and Dylan Siggers P.O.V.

This Memorial Day weekend, nine North American resort—Killington, A-Basin, Aspen/Snowmass, Snowbird, Mammoth, Timberline, Mount Bachelor, Crystal, and Whistler—are currently spinning the lifts for uber-late season turns. In other news, people may also be skiing a freshly fallen foot of snow at Jay Peak by the time you’re scrolling down this page.


Sammy Carlson Invitational

Talent and dollar bills at Mount Bachelor this weekend

In honor of his third Invitational, Sammy Carlson decided to up the ante and triple the size of the main feature—a wall that stretches 85 feet across and has a U-shaped bowl in the middle. The bowl is a skate-park inspired feature with several big airs that will launch skiers into the middle of it. A solid crew—Tanner Hall, Henrik Harlaut, Phil Casabon, Simon Ericson, McRae Williams, and the list goes on—is showing up to Mount Bachelor this weekend. Expect to see great things. Carlson will be handing out dolla’ dolla’ bills, on the spot, to skiers who go big and show creativity.


Torin Yater-Wallace All Grows Up

A short film on the 17-year-old phenom

This is 17-year-old Torin Yater-Wallace. The video is worth watching for the archive footage alone, and despite the overly-dramatic music (and all the Targets), this is a nice biography of POWDER’s 2013 top Young Blood (from issue 41.6), the list of the best skiers 18 and under.


Breaking Down: Avalanche Sharks

Just when you thought it was safe to...nevermind

If only Robert Shaw were still alive.

Who’s Robert Shaw?

I’m happy you asked. Robert Shaw, better known as the actor that played Quint in the original Jaws, died in 1978, a distant 35 years before he ever had the chance to reprise the roll in Avalanche Sharks.

What’s Avalanche Sharks?

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Volkl Freeski Webisode 4: Live From Verbier and the Bec de Rosses

Featuring Charlie Lyons, Nadine Wallner, and Sam Smoothy

Featuring Charlie Lyon, Nadine Wallner and Sam Smoothy, webisode four tells the story of the athletes working towards the iconic Bec de Rosses venue of the Freeride World Tour final in Verbier. Freeride World Tour rookies, Austrian Nadine Wallner and Kiwi Charlie Lyons have dreamt about competing at the Verbier comp. Lyons went in to the contest with a lot of momentum, so watch to find out how he fares alongside Volkl teammate Wallner.


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