Week In Review May 19: Twitter War and Aiguille du Midi Cable Car Fire

POWDER theme park, the thoughtful Nicky Keefer, and Big Bear boasts

Two hundred and fifty one people got stranded on Chamonix’s Aiguille du Midi tram after the engine of one of the iconic cable cars broke down and caught on fire. Thereafter, two helicopters made 45 trips to rescue the group consisting mostly of tourists. No report as to whether the vertigo was horrible, terrible, or downright unbearable.

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Go Vote for Ingrid

Because she is the best, and in the finals of ESPN's Real Women Video Contest

You’re up against Leticia Bufoni, a skateboarder. Those guys have their own video games and shit. How do you hope to win this thing—pray the audience mistakes you for a snowboarder?

I hope to stay in this thing just purely from the heart and soul of all the skiers out there. Leticia is amazing, but the outpouring of support from skiers has been incredible, so hopefully that counts for something. And if anyone happens to mistake me for someone much cooler, that’s fine too.

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Junk In The Truck: Suunto Ambit2 S Watch

Time to burn off the beer belly

Unless you booked a ticket to Chile or live in Alaska, ski season is over. It was a good one, but it’s time to move on. Stop lusting after Dynafit’s Beast 16s and start thinking about your summer gear needs. How are you going to get some color back in those legs? What’s it going to take to burn off the summer beer calories?

One of my favorite new summer accessories is Suunto’s Ambit2 S watch. It’s like a computer on your arm that helps you maximize workouts so you’re in top form when the snow starts falling again next winter.


The Jaded Local Reviews Greg Stump’s Legend of Aahhh’s

Dr. StrangeStump comes back for more

Greg Stump came to Mammoth last week to show his new film. I didn’t really know what to expect—it seemed like it’s been years since the first announcements about the project, and I’d heard no shortage of conflicting rumors about Stump himself. So I grabbed a ski bro and we went to the show.


This Candide Thovex P.O.V. is Absurd

The best skier on the planet at his home hill

This is the most fun I’ve ever had skiing and all I did was sit in my office and press play. Movie of the Year. Edit of the Century. Done.


West Coast Session 7

Behind the scenes at the annual Mount Hood spring park shoot

Last week a group of 60 skiers, filmers, and photographers gathered at Mount Hood, Oregon for a week of skiing at the seventh annual West Coast Session. The Session, hosted each spring at Timberline Ski Area and Windell’s Camp, is one part terrain-park training camp and one part end-of-the-season celebration, with a friendly team video contest tossed in for good measure. For some attendees, it’s a chance to relax and hang out with friends after a long winter of filming missions, photo-shoots and, competitive circuits. For others, it’s a chance for a big break—this might be the most exposure they get all season. Above all, everyone is here to have a blast enjoying the prime-time late-spring conditions on Mount Hood, and it’s this mentality that has built a small but tight-knit community of skiers that return every year for the event.


Nick McNutt Edit

Hammering nails and pillow lines with the Whistler local

It’s hard to trip Nick McNutt up. If you ask him to share one thing he loves about himself, he won’t get hung up on his own ego, what he thinks you want to hear, or how awkward the question is. His response, “I’m happy.”


Week In Review: May 12

CO2!, Antti Ollila!, Aging jib skiers!, South Koreans!, Do-Gooders!

Well, it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for: humanity has officially crossed the 400 parts per million milestone for the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere! I knew running my car while I slept and keeping the heat on with the windows open while I went on ski trips this winter (as well as going on ski trips) would do the trick. Let’s go ahead and celebrate skiing being around in its current form for maybe another 50 years by using that energy you were about to utilize writing your senator in outrage to instead call up the Koch brothers and invite them to the champagne toast tonight!


Cham Storm Skiing w/ J.P. Auclair

Shot and edited in the French Alps

Words: J.P. Auclair

I didn’t have any film commitment last week, so I took a chance and did something I had been waiting to do since last December—specifically, pack the car, go to Cham, and catch up with the characters over there.

The weather wasn’t looking too good, but everyone I spoke to told me to make my way and “see what happens.” I also had new planks from Armada to try out so I figured, even if it was stormy, I could still go for a couple turns. Turns out I had an amazing three days. I shot all the footage from my GoPro and edited it, as well.

Fresh track on the north face of the Aiguille and hot lapping Les Grands Montets.

A huge thanks to Andreas, Bjarne, Tof, Tom & Ben for letting me tag along, for setting up bomber anchors and opening routes!

Read Andreas Fransson’s account here. Read Ben Briggs’ account here.

Riders On The Storm by the Ahn trio


Back to the Future of Film With Shane McFalls

Because you can't paint with the same color every time

Traveling Circus cameraman Shane McFalls is a member of one of the six film teams shooting away in the parks of Mount Hood’s Timberline for Newschooler’s annual West Coast Sessions, a week-long park video shoot that serves as the casual bookend to the park ski season. And while camera technology has leapfrogged into the realm of 4K heli ball-mounted nonsense that can read people’s thoughts in super HD, McFalls is going for an entirely different aesthetic this week. While hipster film lovers may take great satisfaction in the mechanical whirring and 60’s look of cheap Super 8 cameras, Shane’s gone instead to the forgotten chapters of filmmaking history by bringing back a 1988 Panasonic VHS camera and a 2000-era VX 1000 MiniDV camera, a staple of skateboard videos. And not because the picture looks good.


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