Scott Gaffney On Filming Shane McConkey

An excerpt from 'McConkey'

Matchstick Productions and Red Bull released this clip from their highly anticipated film, “McConkey,” this week. Scott Gaffney, codirector of Matchstick Productions, lived with Shane in Tahoe and the two were close friends. Film critics and skiers, fans and strangers alike praised “McConkey” at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York, where the documentary premiered in April. “The profile of the extreme-sports pioneer Shane McConkey is both remarkable to look at and, at a screening I attended, didn’t leave a dry eye in the house,” the L.A. Times wrote in an article following Tribeca. The documentary will tour cities across the U.S. this fall. For more informaiton, visit


VIDEO: MSP Announces 2014 Film

"Days of My Youth"

This year, Matchstick Productions won’t be releasing a ski porn film. Its entry into the 2013 fray is “McConkey,” which debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year. But this morning, the ski film giant announced its 2014 film release, “Days of My Youth.” Here’s the teaser to the teaser.


VIDEO: Andy Partridge Lights Up Windells

The progression of a former POWDER Young Blood

In 2011, at 15 years old, Andy Partridge was featured in POWDER’s Young Bloods collection, naming the best 20 skiers 18 and under. Fast forward to this summer and Partridge is more than proving his inclusion in that list. Here he lays down park complexities with the smoothness of a seasoned veteran. Video by Saga TV.


The Wall of Freekskiing

Steele Spence’s wall of scribbled history

“Around the first Aspen X Games,” says Spence, “athletes looking for place to stay would crash at my parents house. Back in the day there was more couch surfing at competitions.” Somehow people just started writing and signing the wall. “Over the years with more and more events in Aspen, people stayed and stopped by with friends, had dinner with my family; more and more signed the wall.”


Junk In The Trunk: Arc’teryx Tecto FL Jacket

When less really is more

“Less is more” is probably the best way to describe the Tecto FL’s design. It weighs only 10 ounces and has only one pocket (on the sleeve). But don’t let the minimalism fool you. When it counts, the jacket performs.


Week in Review July 21: Marte Chair Opens and SkiLink Fizzles

Powder Alliance Pass, Surface at Windells, and Sheldon Donatelli

Week in Review July 21: Marte Chair Opens, SkiLink Fizzles, Powder Alliance Pass, Surface at Windells, and Sheldon Donatelli


Chile con Pow

Looking south for the summer with Sally Francklyn

It was pretty special to ski in a place that speaks Spanish, and by the end of the trip, I could order food. I still don’t know much, but I know a lot more than I used to. Chile was a beautiful place, and I loved Santiago as well as the food. On the flight back to Colorado, I wished I was on my way back to Chile, even though I didn’t know a lick of Spanish.

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Welcome To TelluAspenButteHole, China

Complete with faux bison, plastic saddles, and wet T-shirt contests hosted by Bode Miller...maybe

Designers like Allison Smith have stumbled onto a market that’s hungry for postcard-quality replicas of famous American mountain towns yet have no idea how to build them; and damn if I’ll be late getting on that train. That’s where you – the ski bum who knows the ins and outs of places like Park City, Jackson Hole, and Sun Valley – comes in. Here’s how it’s going to work.


‘Ski to Die’ – the Bill Johnson Story

1984 Olympic gold medalist decides to take himself off life support

“I told the world I was going to win.” — Bill Johnson, 1984 Olympic downhill gold medalist who on Tuesday decided to take himself off life support.


Small Brand Shout-Out: Meier Skis

Crafting the beetle kill blue stain pine

Cudmore made his first pair of sticks back in 2009 on a whim. He did it to see if he could. He has a background in architectural design and knew about composites from working on airplanes so he figured ski building would be fairly straightforward. It took him an entire ski season to pump out his first pair but as soon as he rode them he knew he was onto something.


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