Viva en Chile: Dawn Patrol

Getting it good

We awoke at 6:30 a.m., a surprising time considering the other night we went to bed at 5:30 a.m. A bucket of Piscola will do that to you. We dressed, making quick cups of tea, and checking the battery life of our beacons. We scrambled, but were out the door by 7 a.m. Powder skiing will do that that to you.


Week In Review August 9: Park City Threatened and 100-Inch Dump in South America

Whitefish expands, Big Cottonwood pass announced, & free Elan skis at Killington

Week In Review August 9: Park City Threatened, 100-inch dump in South America, Whitefish expands, Big Cottonwood pass announced, & free Elan skis at Killington.


Viva en Chile – Mike Rogge checks in from the bar

New Eye of the Condor III video features Chris Davenport, Ingrid Backstrom, and the teams

The 2013 Eye of the Condor competition at La Parva in Chile is a contest with six teams each producing a five-minute piece of visual art to be shown this Friday. One team will walk away with a cash prize and crowned as the winners. But really, that’s not why we are here.


The Jaded Local’s Women’s Ski Racing Retrospective

Taut Haunches and Burly Launches Part One: 2013 World Cup Lost in Slovenian Maze

Like many of the greatest ski racers, Tina Maze is the walking, talking, ice-trenching repudiation of authoritarian football coaches all across America. Dropping off the Slovenian team to embark on her own training program with the help of her mysterious 40-something Italian lover/trainer, Maze dominated the overall World Cup last winter—in individual event titles, podiums, earnings—all while skiing against one of the most stacked fields in history.


VIDEO: Chilean Pow

Drew Tabke's edit from South America

Sure, mountain biking is fun. So is climbing and surfing and backpacking. But after watching Drew Tabke make some late-July turns in fresh snow down in Chile, the truth hits hard. Nothing is as fun as skiing.


VIDEO: Shooting For Perfection

Parker White tells what it's really like to make ski films

Only a modest number of skiers know what’s it like to watch themselves on screen and ski for a living—Parker White is one of these riders. White nabbed “Best Male Performance” at last year’s International Freeskiing Film Festival (IF3) for his segment in Level 1’s Sunny, and he will be back for more in L1′s Partly Cloudy. Sharing his inner thoughts in this short edit, White discusses what it’s like to be featured in ski films. From freak-outs, to a sense of accomplishment, to the unglamorous side of filming segments, and skiing for a living, White divulges the life that most skiers dream of, but few actually experience.—Sarah Ward


The Mountain Collective and Protect Our Winters (POW) Announce Innovative Partnership

Partners – including POWDER Magazine – to collaborate to further mobilize the winter sports community on climate change

The Mountain Collective, an alliance of independent mountain resorts, and Protect Our Winters (POW) are proud to announce a new and innovative partnership with the mission of uniting the winter sports community on the important issue of climate change. Both groups have worked independently to promote this environmental cause, and this collaboration will make an even bigger impact.


VIDEO: Hood Crew’s “Freed The Streets”

Sometimes we need some Captain Crunch with our kale

Don’t tell my girlfriend, but I kind of like kale. I’m getting older and therefore paying a little more attention to what’s going into my body. Good nutrition, after all, is important and I’m told the stuff that used to be called garnish is a superfood.

Media is like food in that respect. When you’re young, any old thing with enough flash and sugar is good enough. As you get older, taste gets more refined. You’d rather have a healthy serving of a well-made All.I.Can. instead of one thousand edits of Fritos and French Onion Dip. But even with a lot more locally grown, farm-to-table, kick-ass meals, I still fall in love with the occasional bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Variety is the spice of life and it isn’t going to kill you.

In that respect, “Freed The Streets” is a big old bowl of C.T.C. The Hood Crew wants you to know they don’t give a fudge. Their almost-28-minute epic is filled with obnoxious music, antics, and skiing. It’s refreshing to see and fun to watch. Sure, films like “Into The Mind,” “Supervention,” and the much-anticipated “McConkey” will feed your soul, but films like “Freed The Streets” tastes pretty good going down too, even if you have a minor stomach ache and diarrhea at the end. It was worth it! Thanks Hood Crew, you’re the sugary cereal in my ski media diet.

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Junk in the Trunk: Skullcandy Icon 3 Headphones

Taptech and thug beats

Admittedly, at first I thought these were just another pair of headphones—same stuff different color type deal. I was wrong. The features of the Icon 3 keep up with modern-day expectations. A button on the outside of the left earpiece accesses the pause, play, skip, and go-back function of most MP3 players.

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Morpheme: Without This Mountain

That thing – the place that made you who you are – isn’t what it seems

This is where I learned to ski. It’s not much, but this mountain is everything. Without it, I would’ve never made a turn or lifelong friends. I never would’ve night skied. I wouldn’t have learned a 360. I wouldn’t have those memories of teaching a girl from another school how to ski, and learning that one thing you should never do is teach any girl from any school how to ski.


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