With The Beaver Creek Fire 92% Contained, Sun Valley Breathes Again

Over $30,000 raised over the weekend for the Wildland Firefighter Foundation

On August 7, a lightning strike hit the hot and dry forest floor near Beaver Creek in the backcountry surrounding Sun Valley, and brutally unforgiving winds, high temperatures, and single-digit humidity fanned the flames that 10 days later threatened Highway 75, the central means of egress for residents in Ketchum, Hailey, and the surrounding area, while forcing the evacuation of 2,250 homes.

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Launch of the International Avalanche Nest-Egg

A new nonprofit will help relieve financial burdens placed on the families of avalanche victims

The mission of Elizabeth Lamphere’s organization, called the International Avalanche Nest-Egg (IAN), is two-fold: To provide immediate and long-term financial support for the children and families of avalanche victims, and to foster a community spirit surrounding this type of tragedy.


VIDEO: Saucerboy – The Story of Shane McConkey’s Alter Ego

The cult phenomenon that is Saucerboy. Who was Saucerboy? Where did he come from? And how did his popularity soar to cult proportions? Today, Saucerboy is known as the alter ego that Shane McConkey and friends created to poke fun at everyone who took themselves too seriously. This is his story.


Week In Review August 23: Kim Jong-Un’s Ski Area and Jeff Curry Surprise

Gay Ski Week civil union, Moonlight & Big Sky merger, and new Aspenwalk owners

Week In Review August 23: Kim Jong-Un’s Ski Area, Jeff Curry surprise, Gay Ski Week civil union, Moonlight & Big Sky merger, and Winter X Games 1990-something


Chasing a Moment in Time

A thrift store find inspires one skier to seek out the origins of an old ski photo

Searching for the story behind an old ski photo from 1975.


VIDEO: FWQ TNF Chilean Freeskiing Championships 2013 Highlights

If you missed the webcast, here's the best of the action from El Colorado, Chile

To see the entire live webcast on demand, go HERE.


Field Productions presents “Supervention”

One of this year's biggest ski films is coming out of Europe

I never thought I’d see Terje Haakonsen and Tim Durtschi in the same movie. Leave it to the Field Productions minds to blow that misconception out of the water. Field has been quietly making loud movies for years now, dominating the European markets, while gently scratching the surface of those in the know in North America. When founder Filip Christensen announced Field would be making a two-year project instead of an annual, it made little to no headlines in the States.


Week In Review August 16: No Complaining in Aspen and Jon Olsson’s New Digs

Wildfires, e-tailors for ski gear, Whaleback in the bank, finding zen at Powder Mountain, Telluride's proposed soda tax, and Montana's merger

Week in Review August 16: Wildfires, e-tailors for ski gear, Whaleback in the bank, TGR’s trailer, finding zen at Powder Mountain, Telluride’s proposed soda tax, and Montana’s merger


Big Sky/Moonlight Fall Under One Umbrella

Acquisition of Moonlight solidifies its future

In what should bring to a close a troubling period for Moonlight Basin, the Montana ski area is now under the same ownership as neighboring Big Sky Resort and The Yellowstone Club.


VIDEO: The Making of Sage Cattabriga-Alosa’s Art Show (complete with DH mtn biking)

Sage hosted his first solo art show a few weeks ago at Evo. The work is now for sale to the public.

For the month of August, evo Seattle is featuring Illumination, an art instillation by pro-skier Sage Cattabriga-Alosa. Presented by Atomic Skis, The North Face & Smith Optics. Be sure to visit the Seattle store to check out Sage’s art or, if you are not Seattle, take a look HERE.

If you would like to purchase a piece, please call evo Seattle at 206.973.4470.


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